She does not exactly have the real estate reach of George Washington, who seems to have slept in half the houses in Colonial America, but Jackie Kennedy Onassis did leave a noteworthy trail of luxe real estate that she once called home. That includes the Park Avenue apartment she lived in as a child, before her parents divorced.

Photo of Jackie O's former apartment on Park Avenue

Now it’s reported by the Wall Street Journal that the duplex that Jackie O’s grandfather (James T. Lee) developed at 740 Park Avenue has sold for $25.25 million. The 4-bedroom co-op unit had been listed for sale for $44 million, but saw several price drops before it sold below its last list price of $29.5 million.

Photo of Jackie O's former apartment on Park Avenue

The WSJ reported that the sellers “are hedge-fund founder David Ganek and his wife Danielle, who bought the apartment in 2005 for $19.1 million.”

Photo of Jackie O's former apartment on Park avenue

The apartment building at 740 Park is one of Manhattan’s “Towers of Power,” and the subject of a book titled “740 Park: The Story of the World’s Richest Apartment Building,” by Michael Gross. Jackie Bouvier lived there in the 1930s — one of several notable homes the wife of John F. Kennedy resided in during her life.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s grandfather is said to have invested $35 million in the development of 740 Park, which was designed by the famed Italian-American architect Rosario Candela in the 1920s. The 19-story limestone building sits at the corner of 71 Street and has a long history of housing some of the the world’s richest titans of politics, finance and entertainment.