If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Or, better yet, combine it. That’s the decision you can make when you’re a social-media pioneer sitting on a couple billion bucks, as evidenced by the recent townhouse purchase by Napster founder and former Facebook president Sean Parker.

After buying a $20 million townhouse at 40 West 10th Street in Greenwich Village in 2011, Parker is now the proud owner of the townhouse next door at 38 West 10th Street, where it looks he’s going to go Sarah Jessica Parker and combine the two properties for a mansion fitting an Internet titan.

Through a trust, Parker paid $16.5 million for the 8,200-square-foot townhouse. The 5-story building exceeds the 6,126-square-foot carriage house he already owns and is currently configured as an owner’s triplex and six rental units.

The rentals were fetching upwards of $3,800 per unit, so it looks like Mr. Parker may have been in negotiation with the previous owner. Records show that the property was transferred from a marital trust to Eileen O’Kane Kornreich for zero dollars on May 5, the same day the townhouse sold to a trust believed to be held by Parker.

While this Parker took a few years to collect the side-by-side structures, SJP collected her twin townhouses at 273 and 275 West 11th Street in one fell swoop. The list price had been $50 million.