For a spell back in 2012, it seemed enticing to try and lure buyers to a Greenwich Village townhouse with tales of how the Rolling Stones (may or may not have) lived in dwelling back in the ‘60s.

Come on … it’s the Stones, who may or may not have written some of their iconic hits “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Paint It Black” while hanging in the five-story townhouse. That kind of gets the wheels of urban legend turning. But, we do know for a fact that Keith Richards bought a place around the corner at 1 Fifth Avenue last year, so the Stones’ presence in the Village still rocks on.

With real estate booming and plenty of well-heeled buyers looking for special properties, the marketing message now for this super property at 54 West 9th Street has been fashioned around the essential appeal of the place: The potential to restore what is now a 5-unit building back to its original splendor. The price is $12.95 million.

Built by Reuben R. Wood in 1853 for the wealthy tobacco merchant Christian H. Lilienthal, the townhouse sits on a block with some pretty impressive houses that make it a highly desirable location. The brownstone is just a hair over 15-feet wide, but it has a parlor room with 12-foot ceilings, a garden in the back and plenty of original details that beg for someone who can appreciate the original features of this Italianate original.