As a Premier Agent, you already know the value you can provide buyers in NYC — especially those who are new to the buying process. Today, we’re introducing you to the next evolution of Premier Agent to make things even better for the buyer and for you, the agent. It’s a new way of delivering connections that accounts for apartment shoppers’ on-demand expectations while giving you the freedom to answer when you’re available.

Here’s a message from your region’s Premier Agent sales manager who would like to introduce you to your new connections.


Want to find out more? Watch our webinar!

Although your area’s live information session has passed, you can watch the recorded webinar to learn more about changes to Premier Agent and how to set yourself up for success.

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Here are a few quick steps to make sure you’re ready

  • Save our number in your phone
    Our calls will come from 206-539-0456. Answer when you’re available.
  • Update your Premier Agent profile contact info
    We’ll call the phone number in your profile, so make sure it’s current.
  • Create or update your StreetEasy agent profile
    In addition to a complete Premier Agent profile, apartment hunters on StreetEasy are looking for an agent with a StreetEasy presence. Head to your My Profile section (under Your Account) and add a photo, bio, claim your deals, and more.
  • Download the Premier Agent App and enable your phone’s push notifications
    If you miss our call, we’ll send follow-up information as a push notification.
  • Disable call screening and recorded greetings
    Call screening options in VoIP services, like Google Voice, interfere with our automated calling system.
  • TEAM LEADERS: If you use a third-party CRM, disable your routing rules
    Disable the routing rules and connect the third-party CRM to each team member’s Premier Agent account. When they answer our call, we’ll pass the lead assignment directly to the Premier Agent CRM.
  • TEAM LEADERS: Enable “Broadcast” for your team routing rules
    With broadcast, we’ll simultaneously call up to five agents on your team. The first to answer gets the connection. This setting maximizes your team’s answer rate.
  • Think about who answers our calls
    Make sure our calls are answered by someone who is ready to talk to home shoppers about their search, strengthening the relationship on another team member’s behalf.
  • Learn more
    Check out our more in-depth guide, whether you’re an agent or a team of agents.

Still have questions? Reach out to your business consultant now for more info. Or, if you’re ready to sign up, learn more here.