An affordable 1-bedroom on a prime Upper West Side street? That alone would spark interest in a new listing at 312 W. 77th Street, but there’s more. For music, history and cultural legacy buffs, the $495,000 apartment is in a townhouse where jazz legend Miles Davis once lived through the 1980s.

The townhouse is a Renaissance Revival-style building that dates back to 1881. It is landmarked, thanks to the 25 years that Davis spent living in the building, which is now home to six units. According to DNAInfo, the block where the townhouse sits (between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue) was renamed “Miles Davis Way” in 2014. The building has since been featured in Don Cheadle’s new biopic out about Davis called “Miles Ahead.” Davis died in 1991.

Notable features are the exposed brick, high ceilings and decorative fireplace. The kitchen is a little dated, but has a ton of cabinet storage and it opens into the living area. Maintenance charges are $1,025 a month.