Halloween is only a few days away. For some, that means a low-key holiday of attending a Halloween parade or chaperoning the kids on their candy collecting mission. For others, Halloween means costumes and parties. To find out where Halloween partiers wreaked the most havoc in New York City, StreetEasy’s research team analyzed the volume and types of 311 complaints during Halloween weekend over the last two years.

Types of complaints used in the analysis include “Noise,” “Overflowing Litter Basket,” “Urinating in Public,” “Disorderly Youth,” “Dirty Condition,” “Unsanitary Condition – Garbage/Recycling Storage,” “Sanitation Condition – Street Cond/Dump-out/Drop-off.” To account for varying population size across neighborhoods, the number of complaints were compared to the number of people in the neighborhood.

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So, which neighborhoods suffered the most Halloween party aftermath? In Manhattan, our findings show that neighborhoods in Downtown and Midtown submarkets had the most party-related 311 complaints on Halloween weekends in the last two years.

But it was a neighborhood in Brooklyn that takes the title of top party destination on Halloween: Gowanus. Roughly 31 out of 10,000 people in Gowanus filed 311 complaints during Halloween weekends in 2013 and 2014, which is 10 times the New York City average.

Halloween weekend aside, Gowanus’ industrial origin has helped the area evolve into a popular artist and music venue hub in Brooklyn. It’s also seen quite a spike in population as the neighborhood turns more residential. The median asking price and rental price in Gowanus are on the high end of the Brooklyn market. In August, the median asking price in Gowanus was $1,375,000, almost double the Brooklyn median of $699,000. The rental price was also higher than the Brooklyn median of $2,675.

See the full list of “rowdiest” Halloween weekend neighborhoods below. Or, use the interactive map above to see how your neighborhood ranks on All Hallow’s Eve.

halloween graphic