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As of Q1 2019, there are 3,000 new sponsor units on StreetEasy. The New Development Showcase can help yours stand out. (Getty Images)

As of Q1 2019, there are over 800 new multiple-dwelling developments on StreetEasy and over 3,000 new sponsor units on StreetEasy. That means condo buyers in New York City have, literally, thousands of options to choose from. Faced with so much competition, how can new developments stand out and sell sponsor units faster? That’s where StreetEasy’s new building pages come in.

Drive More & Higher Quality Connections

We designed the New Development Showcase specifically to meet the needs of new developments in a highly saturated and selective marketplace. The redesigned pages now prioritize sponsor units above all other listings and make it easy for buyers to directly contact the sales office.

The updates are having a real impact on the performance of new development pages on StreetEasy. Prospective buyers are more likely to engage with New Development Showcase pages, with a 27 percent bounce rate compared to regular building pages on StreetEasy. That means 73 percent of sessions result in a click to your site or a related link on the page. Overall, these pages are far outperforming the industry standard for real estate websites, which on average see a 57.5 percent bounce rate.

Buyers are also 47 percent more likely to visit your site from a New Development Showcase page compared to a regular building on StreetEasy.

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The average bounce rate for real estate websites is 57.5%.

With sponsor units now prioritized at the top on the page above resales and rental listings, your most valuable listings are seeing a five percent increase in pageviews.  Over a third of all buyers (37 percent) who land on New Development Showcase page go on to view at least one sponsor unit within the same session. Seventeen percent of buyers who visit a New Development Showcase page go on to view at least two sponsors units within the same session.

These are all promising indications, which are driving more qualified leads directly to your sales office.

What’s Next

StreetEasy’s design team is constantly innovating based upon industry, consumer and client feedback. We’re excited to share future iterations of the product to better help new developments stand out.

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Source: March 2019 StreetEasy data