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Looking for info on your new NYC police precinct or NYC community board? Read on! (Getty Images)

Even if you’re not new to New York, moving to a new neighborhood can be bewildering until you’ve gotten your bearings. Basic stuff, like finding local grocery stores, bus stops, etc., can be ascertained simply by taking a walk — but how do you find out which NYC police precinct you live in, which of the NYC community boards represents you, or who your new City Council representative is? Here’s where to find important details about your new neighborhood.

Who Is My Congressperson?

Depending on how far you moved from your previous NYC address, you may have a new representative in Congress. To find out, the U.S. House of Representatives offers this easily searchable website: Simply input your zip code, and up comes a photo of your Congressperson, a map of the district, an email link and a link to the Congressperson’s home page on the site.

Who Is My City Council Rep?

The New York City Council site lists all of the city’s 51 districts, and the representative for each. The boundaries of each district are also shown on a map. Input your street address and borough for a quick answer to which district you’re in, who your rep is, which party they represent, and how to get in touch with them.

What’s My Local NYC Community Board?

Search by address on the NYC Department of City Planning’s Community Portal page to find out which of the city’s 59 community districts your neighborhood is in. The search function takes you straight to your community district’s page, with a wealth of information including census data, zoning, and the local public schools, libraries, parks and hospitals. Click through to your board’s own page to find a schedule of meetings, info on how to become a board member, and lots more.

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Where Is My Voting Location/Polling Place?

Type your address into the City of New York Board of Elections Poll Site Locator, and it will tell you your voting site, plus the day voting takes place and what hours the site is open for. It also tells you your Election/Assembly District, Judicial District, Congressional District, Senatorial District, Council District, Municipal Court District, and Assembly District. In addition, you can check whether you’re registered to vote, register if you’re not, and even figure out what you need to do if you want to run for office!

What’s My NYC Police Precinct?

On the NYPD website’s “Find Your Precinct” page, you can search by address and watch it zoom in to your neighborhood. It also tells you your sector and the names of your neighborhood coordination officers, with email links. Hover on the map to see the location and address of the precinct house, and click through to go to that precinct’s home page, which tells you who the commanding officer is and has lots of local info.

Where’s the Neighborhood Post Office?

Input your zip code on the U.S. Postal Service site and it will tell you the name and location of your nearest post office, plus other postal providers nearby (like where you can buy stamps without having to wait on line!).

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What Flood Zone Am I In?

This may not seem like a crucial question, but anyone who remembers Superstorm Sandy knows that flooding in the city is possible — and can be devastating. Flood Zone NYC tells you, by address, whether you’re in an evacuation zone. If you are, it tells you which one, and where your closest shelters are located. Flood Help NY also has an online map where you can enter your address to see if you’re in a risky flood area. Click here to find out more about flood insurance in NYC.

Am I In a Hurricane Evacuation Zone?

Flood zones are not to be confused with hurricane evacuation zones. The NYC Department of Emergency Management has an online tool that tells you whether an evacuation order is in effect, whether your address is in an evacuation zone, and if so, which one. It can also help you make a plan and be prepared in case a hurricane does strike.

For Even More NYC Info, Check NYC311

Don’t see an answer to your question here? Try the city’s NYC311 online portal, which can provide a wealth of general info about trash collection, alternate-side-of-the-street parking, public school closings, and much more.

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