It doesn’t have the same cachet as “George Washington Slept Here,” but then again, unlike the first American president, Barack Obama was not a land surveyor or military general before becoming the 44th U.S. president. So, fewer homes lay claim to being where Obama slept.

Photo of brownstone where Obama lived after Columbia

Except for this Park Slope brownstone house: The three-story beauty at 640 2nd Street, which is listed for sale for $4.295 million, is where Obama reportedly lived after graduating from Columbia University. Yes — this is prior to his Harvard days and moving to Chicago, where he met Michelle Robinson and married, Obama lived in an apartment on the top floor of this 3,860-square-foot home with his then-girlfriend, who was a teacher at Brooklyn Friends School.

Photo of 640 2nd Street - Obama's first home

In addition to its footnote in presidential history, the home dates to 1903, when it was commissioned by William Reynolds, an influential Brooklyn builder, real estate developer and mover and shaker. It is within steps of Prospect Park, 7th Avenue shopping and the Grand Army Plaza’s fabulous farmers’ market.

photo of backyard of Obama's NYC home on 640 2nd street in NYC

This Victorian-era home retains much of its original charm including the beautiful double parlor and an oversized garden. There are 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, including one with the original claw-foot tub.

Photo of Obama's kitchen after Columbia

Photo of Obama's kitchen at 640 2nd street

Photo of Obama's bedroom at 640 2nd street

Photo of Obama's living room in NYC

Photo of Obama guest bedroom

Photo of obama house in NYC at 640 2nd street

Photo of Obama floor plan at 640 2nd street in NYC