Don’t think of Premier Agent as your whole business model as a real estate agent in NYC. But, do think of it as a way to rise above the pack — a way to boost your business and land new clients in the neighborhoods you want. Setting expectations for your business is the best way to know whether you’ve achieved success, and that’s exactly how we approach Premier Agent packages on StreetEasy (more on that approach later).

What is Premier Agent?

Premier Agent is a premium product that augments and supports your business across the entire NYC Real Estate network, including not just StreetEasy, but also Zillow and Trulia. So, keep that in mind when you’re talking about putting together a Premier Agent package.

The product is a lead-tracking, -generating and -fostering solution for sales agents in the city. Once you’ve selected your package, we’ll make sure that we’re sending pointed leads right to your inbox or phone based on the buildings you represent, the neighborhoods you’re targeting and the times of year on which you want to focus. That way, if your business is struggling in the winter, or if you just can’t get qualified leads in, say, the West Village, we can help you move the needle with the Premier Agent product.

What does it look like to the consumer?

In general, the Premier Agent product is designed to make sure a consumer gets connected to an attentive, driven and motivated buyer’s agent who can represent their interests during their search for a new home. The contact box on each listing page has two tabs: Learn More and Seller’s Agent Info. If a consumer chooses to send a message via the Learn More tab, they will be routed to a Premier Agent who is participating in the program for that listing’s zip code. It’s a great experience for both the apartment hunter and the agent — the consumer gets an agent that is fully invested and ready to help them, and the agent gets a quality lead from an interested buyer. Both sides win.

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Is it for you?

One last bit of background here: the Premier Agent, much like a lot of the products that support your business on StreetEasy, is not a “set it and forget it” sort of deal. We’ll happily send you targeted leads through the Premier Agent product, but if you don’t respond to those leads, or really convince these new clients that you’re a rockstar agent, then it’s not going to move the needle at all for you. The key here, is to make sure you’re not only motivated to get more leads, but you’re also fully motivated to give those leads the attention you’ll need to turn them into deals.

So how do you get started?

If that motivated agent we referenced up there feels like you, then you should definitely consider reaching out to our Premier Agent team. Some of our products (like Featured Listings or StreetEasy PRO) are designed to be as self-service as possible. Think of Premier Agent as a much more personalized, hands-on product that’ll allow you to foster a relationship with our team of business consultants and experts. That’s because to sign up as a Premier Agent, your first step is to call in and talk through your priorities with us. How much are you currently spending in your marketing budget, and on what? Maybe you’re spending a monthly amount on social ads or branded swag to support your business. Those are great first steps, but our Premier Agent team is equipped to take those numbers you’re already spending and show you what value you could get if you directed that money toward Premier Agent in NYC.

Say, for example, you have a budget of $500, and you’re spending all of it on traditional ad marketing. Our team will take that number and show you what it’ll get you if you sign up for Premier Agent in whatever specific ZIP codes you currently represent. Want more leads in the West Village? Need to push your business to the next level in the Lower East Side? We’ll be able to give you a figure of how many leads that $500 will get you in each of those zips and, if you close a deal with any number of those leads, what that means for you and your commission.

Sure, ad marketing gets you literal impressions, but our PA team can take it a step further and help you visualize the actual money in your pocket at the end of the tunnel. Plus, by calling in, you’ll also be able to talk through sales techniques and get recommendations straight from our team of experts on how to foster the leads you do get. It’s all part of the ongoing support you’ll get from our business consultants. Round that all out with a super-intuitive, dedicated Premier Agent app that lets you track your leads, keep a line on all the possible deals you have out there, and more. In short, Premier Agent gets you leads and one-on-one sales training, but each package is catered specifically to you. So the best way to determine if it’ll give you a business edge is to reach out and start a conversation today.

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