Whether it’s your first deal or your 15th, closing on an apartment in New York City is a big deal. Carrying your clients across the finish line and into a new home takes a lot of work and is a testament to your expertise. So after all the i’s are dotted, t’s crossed, and keys exchanged, a celebration is in order. But, what kind of real estate closing gifts and celebrations are appropriate? Gifts? Drinks? Champagne? Lunch or dinner?

Any of the above would work. But we went to the source and asked five NYC agents about their favorite closing celebration traditions.

Take Them to Your Favorite Hidden Gem

“I find the best way to celebrate a hard-fought deal is to take my clients to a local hidden gem near where the sale took place,” says Brad Bateman, a Compass agent who specializes in the brownstone Brooklyn market. His go-to spot is Le Boudoir, a speakeasy in Brooklyn Heights. The cozy cocktail bar is a wonderful place to sit back and take stock of the highs and lows of the deal after it is finalized. Social distancing? Get them a gift card to a neighborhood hotspot.

Image of Real Estate Closing Gifts and Celebrations
Le Boudoir on Atlantic Avenue is a cozy speakeasy, perfect for celebrating post-closing. (Le Boudoir via Yelp)

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Classic New York Spot

As a native New Yorker and a former chef, John Dugan of Anchor Associates likes to treat his clients to old-world New York spots like John’s of 12th Street or Grand Central Oyster Bar. And while he used to work in Michelin-starred restaurants, he doesn’t shy away from classic dives like McSorley’s either.

Combine a Convenient Cocktail and Thoughtful Gift

Jeanne Kempton of Stribling often takes her clients somewhere close to where the closing took place. After a long day at the closing table, the last thing she wants to do is hoof it halfway across the borough for a drink. In the past, she’s gone The Clover Club on Smith Street, a bar near her attorney’s office.

Instead of a fancy dinner or multiple rounds of cocktails, Kempton focuses on sending closing gifts to buyers. She often opts for a membership to a cultural institution near the clients’ new home. In the past, she gifted a membership to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to clients who bought in Prospect Heights. For clients with kids who bought in Brooklyn, she did a membership to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on Eastern Parkway.

Splurge for the Power Lunch

If you’re going to go for a power lunch after closing, you might as well do it right. Krista Nickols, an agent representing Extell properties, likes to send her clients to The Grill, the Mario Carbone redux of the former The Four Seasons, the ultimate power lunch destination in Midtown. “You can’t help but feel the magic and the history of the place,” she says.

Pull Out All the Stops With a Private Chef

For most of his closings, Triplemint agent Tyler Whitman takes his clients to a place close to their new home. It might not be a place he’s familiar with, but that’s part of the fun he explains.

The amount Whitman budgets for the post-closing celebration depends on the size of the transaction. For really big deals, he pulls out all the stops. “For my biggest sales, I hire a private chef to host the first dinner party at their apartment,” he said. Sometimes he curates the guest list and sometimes he has the clients curate it. Thus far, he’s always been invited!