If it’s not a shower in the kitchen, it’s a shower doubling as a headboard.

Such is the case for this 100-sq ft apartment in Lincoln Square that is currently for rent for $1,100, which comes out to $132/per sq ft.

And, it’s currently spiking on Reddit.

At least the broker has a sense of humor in describing the listing:

“This famous (featured in media for ridiculously tiny size) apartment is available for the same price partially furnished or unfurnished – and it’s SMALL. How small is it, you ask?

–This apartment is so small, you can’t have three friends over at the same time; one of you will have to wait outside in the hall.

– It’s so small you can’t gain weight once you move in.

– It’s so small there’s a bumper on the front door to keep it from hitting the back wall.

– It’s so small you have to move the bed just to open and close the front door.

– It’s about 100sf, with the main room perhaps 7′ x 11′, plus a bathroom, NO KITCHEN OR STOVE, and the shower next to the sink. And fortunately, only this bullet point is true.

[Insert rim shot here]