ryan tribeca quote

If you’re a die-hard fan of Million Dollar Listing New York (Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo), you probably caught one of the first episodes of the show in which Ryan Serhant is about to meet with a “new” client, Eddie.

Eddie just happens to be Ryan’s boss, Eddie Shapiro, founder of Nest Seekers International, where Ryan is the star real estate broker.

In the episode, Ryan is in his usual quippy form and describes Tribeca where Eddie’s home is located:

“Tribeca is kind of two-faced. It’s all business in the morning and party at night. So it’s kinda like the mullet of New York: Business in front and party in the back.”

The sound bite quickly took off and became a meme that got passed around, landing on Ryan’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

We thought there are probably a few more neighborhood Ryan-isms and sure enough, there were. Here is what he had to say about some popular NYC neighborhoods:


“New York’s Walk of Shame: It looks totally different in the morning than it did all glammed up the night before.”

Upper East Side:

“New York’s Cougar: That hot older woman you secretly want to go home with.”

Upper West Side:

“New York’s Liberal Arts School: Uniquely creative, super expensive, with lots of future lawyers.”

West Village:

“New York’s High School Cool Kid Clique: Exclusive, trendy, no curfew.”


“New York’s Johnny Depp: Stylish, socially unaware, and aloof on the outside, but super rich with his own private island on the inside.”