These days it seems like selfies are as common as pizza places in New York City. And luckily, NYC offers about as many great spots to take a selfie as it does dealers of cheese-covered slices. You don’t want to miss any of either, right? So, here’s a list of 11 great selfie spots in NYC. Some are iconic, some lesser known. But above all, don’t forget to smile!

the High line in New York City

1. The High Line

Although it’s not exactly tourist-free, it’s hard to pass up a spot that will let you capture greenery, the skyline and perfect sunlight in one picture.

2. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The smiles are endless at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, arguably one of the best-kept selfie secrets in NYC. For ideal lighting and views, head there in the afternoon on a cloudless day.

[Photo via Katherine Elam]

3. Fire Alarm Box on the Corner of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue

Feeling artsy? Right outside of the Chase bank on this corner, you’ll see a fire alarm box. Look inside to find a new friend you can snap away with.

4. “Crash” Mural on the Lower East Side

Head to the corner of Broome and Chrystie streets to find this colorful wall, and take a pic with Yosemite Sam.

5. The Brooklyn Bridge

It’s a tourist favorite, and perhaps the most famous bridge in the world, but there’s arguably no better place to snap a selfie. To avoid tourists and rushing commuters (as much as that’s possible), plan to stroll across the bridge between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

6. Smorgasburg Williamsburg

You may never get sick of this one-of-a-kind market. Between the endless mouthwatering eats and the Manhattan skyline views, you’re sure to leave Smorgasburg with a full belly and sensational selfie.

7. Washington Square Arch

Built in 1892, the arch in the popular local hangout of Washington Square Park is one of NYC’s coolest architectural features. Fun fact: A car hasn’t driven through it since 1958.

taking a selfie in Times Square

8. Times Square

Ever wonder what sets the best selfies apart from the rest? The lighting, of course! Lucky for you, Times Square is always well-lit — just make sure you’re at least five feet away from any costumed characters, or you might get charged for that perfect pic.

couple taking selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty

9. The Statue of Liberty (From the Staten Island Ferry)

Contrary to popular belief, not all New Yorkers have been to the Statue of Liberty, or taken a ferry ride to Staten Island. Not only is the Staten Island Ferry perhaps the best free activity New York City has to offer, but on a sunny day, it’s an ideal place to take a selfie with the tall, green beauty in the harbor. Best time to snap a pic? Around noon on a sunny day, so you’ll get good light without it coming from any inconvenient direction. Sunglasses are recommended!

image of a woman on a rowboat in Central Park, New York City

10. Central Park Rowboats

Fall is quickly approaching, and what better way to capture the turning foliage than by rowing through Central Park? Unlike other locations, the rowboats offer unobstructed views of of the best tree-scape New York City has to offer. To get the best shot, head over around 1 p.m. and bring a selfie stick so you can fit as many trees into the background as possible. Time your visit with the peak of the fall season, to ensure you get the widest variety of oranges and yellows.

inside the One World Observatory in New York City

11. One World Observatory

Chances are you’ve seen a selfie or two from the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building, and while those views never fail to amaze, they have become a bit played-out. If you’re looking for a stunning perspective with unique city views of the city, a trip to One World Observatory could be just what you need. For the best selfie, head over just before sunset and check out the southern views.

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