Head to Southern Brooklyn, and you’ll find a relaxed neighborhood that seems to have it all, including coastal charm and top-notch accessibility to the rest of the city. Welcome to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Once a ritzy summer getaway for New Yorkers looking for sun and sand, this area still boasts a rich history, beachside access, and a wide variety of housing options. “It’s a vibrant and diverse area,” explains longtime resident Kristen Pozzuoli, whose family has been in the neighborhood for generations. A mix of classic NYC haunts and local quirks make residents proud while inspiring newcomers to stop and linger.

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    Sheepshead Bay Was Brooklyn’s French Riviera

    Well, sort of. Originally a sleepy waterfront area (named after a popular, local fish with eerily human-like teeth), Sheepshead Bay began transforming into a popular NYC summer destination starting in the late 19th century. New infrastructure like hotels, seafood restaurants, and the famous Sheepshead Bay Race Track welcomed visitors to this up-and-coming seaside vacation spot. At the same time, railroad development made the neighborhood more accessible to visitors. These days, you can still stroll along lively Emmons Avenue, a seaside promenade that boasts an array of outdoor dining, shopping, and fishing boats that come to life during the summer months. While it might not be southern France, some still say the area evokes a certain European-esque charm — and doesn’t require a transatlantic ticket! 

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    Where Is Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn? 

    Bordered by Brighton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, and close to other key Brooklyn areas, Sheepshead Bay is an ideal jumping-off point. The B & Q subway lines and several express buses connect the neighborhood to Manhattan. The subway trip to midtown clocks in at only 40 minutes, making it an easy commute. 

    “The neighborhood is the perfect middle between bustling city life and a more suburban environment,” explains Kristen Pozzuoli. “Coney Island is 10 minutes away, basically down the block.” In addition to excellent public transit, most residents also have cars, and parking is relatively easy. 

    Housing Types in Sheepshead Bay 

    Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase your next home, here you will find both affordable and luxury options. Compass Real Estate Agent Tatyana Agron, who grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, explains that the neighborhood has a large selection of older co-ops, newer condominiums, and single-family homes. 

    Historic Bungalows 

    In the 1920s, modest bungalows started popping up in the neighborhood, which attracted people looking for a seaside retreat. These “bungalow communities” remained a local stalwart for much longer than their counterparts in neighboring areas. But 2012’s Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc, leaving only a handful of these historic one-story properties intact.


    In addition to many modest homes, Sheepshead Bay also has its share of ritzy real estate. Ocean Parkway boasts many large single-family homes, which continue to get bigger and more luxurious as you head north towards Midwood.

    New Development 

    Private developers have noticed Sheepshead Bay in recent years, putting some new luxury properties on the market. 1 Brooklyn Bay, a 30-floor skyscraper, towers over much of the area’s real estate and offers extravagant water views, like this $3 million penthouse. A 2015 condominium building at 1809 Emmons Avenue — otherwise known as The Vue — also provides a luxurious selection of rental and resale units. 

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    Renting an Apartment in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

    “Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn is very affordable in comparison to other parts of the borough,” Realtor Tatyana Agron explains. The median rental asking price was $1,900 as of November 2021. That’s $700 less than the median monthly asking price in all of Brooklyn! Interested renters should browse StreetEasy’s current available neighborhood listings.

    Buying a Home In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

    Similarly, homes for purchase are much more affordable in Sheepshead Bay than Brooklyn at large, with a median asking sales price of $499,000 as of November 2021, while all of Brooklyn’s average asking price tag was $949,000. Agron notes that many new purchasers in Sheepshead Bay are often moving from Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn to get more space for their price point. 

    Feel like perusing? Explore StreetEasy’s current sale listings in the area. 

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    Things To Do in Sheepshead Bay

    It’s unlikely that you’ll run out of things to do — or eat — in the neighborhood. “It’s ever-changing — you have two beaches, all the great restaurants, some nightlife,” says Agron. “There’s a little bit of everything.” 

    Locals and visitors flock to Randazzo’s Clam Bar, a family-owned seafood spot on Emmons Avenue that started as a seafood market. Another can’t-miss restaurant is Roll-N-Roaster, known for their decadent roast beef sandwiches and other heart-stopping, cheese-heavy fare. “It’s been a family favorite for a couple of generations at least,” Kristen Pozzuoli says of Roll-N-Roaster, which celebrated 50 years in business in 2021. 

    “One of my favorites is Limon, a Turkish place with phenomenal fish,” Agron offers. She also cites Next Door, an Italian restaurant, as another great neighborhood find. 

    Beyond the sumptuous cuisine, residents also love their proximity to the water. If you have a few hours, consider heading out on a boat tour or renting a kayak for a relaxing afternoon

    Pozzuoli also points to the area’s endless options beyond Sheepshead Bay proper. “That’s part of the appeal of the neighborhood — all the different things close by.” Right nearby is Marine Park, an impressive 530-acre greenspace with walking trails, a golf course, and the Salt Marsh Nature Center (temporarily closed for construction). 

    Claim to Fame: Notable Past Residents 

    Like many neighborhoods in NYC, Sheepshead Bay has had many residents find great fame and fortune. Ever binged all 10 seasons of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”? Creator and Star Larry David (yup, same guy who wrote Seinfeld) grew up in the neighborhood. Gossip Girl fans will also be pleased to know that Michelle Trachtenberg — known for her portrayal as socialite Georgina Sparks — also hails from the area.