If you thought the “Get Off My Train” moment in the movie “Ghost” was the quintessentially real NYC moment, then you probably liked Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze erotically gooping through the wet clay/pottery wheel scene. In that case, we have the apartment for you: Theirs.

After hitting the market in April with a $10.5 million list price, this 4,341-square-foot loft at 102 Prince Street — otherwise known as Demi and Patrick’s fictional apartment used in the hit movie “Ghost” — has taken two price cuts and is now listed for $9.5 million.

What do you get, besides the memories (the clay has vanished) is a full-floor residence in a cast-iron building in the heart of SoHo. The apartment is serviced by a key-lock elevator — which is clearly the best way to keep out those pesky co-stars like Tony Goldwyn from trying any funny business.

Once inside, you get a 44-foot long gallery connecting to the farthest reaches of this palatial set, which features 3 bedrooms including a master suite, chef’s kitchen, loads of big windows and views of one of the city’s most enduringly “it” neighborhoods.