Maybe NYC renters have had their fill of ragtag kitchens with tiny fridges, undulating counter tops, a stove that sometimes works and barely a ledge to eat. Likewise, buyers do not relish the idea of schlepping to the bowels of the building to use the washer and dryer for hours at a time.

At least, that seems to be sentiment from the findings of a recent online survey StreetEasy conducted, asking buyers and renters a myriad of questions around their apartment shopping experience, including which amenities rose to the top of their wish lists.

For renters, it was a renovated kitchen and for buyers, it was an in-unit washer-dryer.

“I am not surprised at all to find that the survey of buyers’ most desirable in-unit feature is the washer/dryer,” said Adie Kriegstein, real estate agent for CORE. “Buildings either permit them or not and for many people its a ‘must have’ non-negotiable feature of their search, so when conducting online searches they list this as a criteria.”

In the survey, renters and buyers were asked to stack-rank the following amenities: Dishwasher, in-unit washer/dryer, central AC, recently renovated kitchen, recently renovated bathroom and enter other amenities, if not listed. Nearly 50 percent of the results from the renter’s survey chose “recently renovated kitchen” above all else.

Here are the findings for renters, in order of importance:

  1. Recently renovated kitchen
  2. In-unit washer/dryer
  3. Recently renovated bathroom
  4. Other (Closets, outdoor space, pets, doorman, elevator)
  5. Central AC
  6. Dishwasher
renovated kitchen

Renovated kitchen in Park Slope features a new stainless steel dishwasher and full-size fridge.

Nearly 50 percent of the buyers surveyed chose in-unit washer/dryer as their most-wanted amenity, followed by recently renovated kitchen.

“In Manhattan, if there isn’t a washer-dryer in the unit, the likelihood you can install your own is slim,” said Kriegstein.  “I have had buyers forgo larger homes priced at greater price points just so they can have a washer-dryer in their unit.  It’s a modern-day convenience and once you have had one in your home you can’t give it up.”

Here are the findings for buyers, in order of importance:

  1. In-unit washer/dryer
  2. Recently renovated kitchen
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Recently renovated bathroom
  5. Central AC
  6. Other (Outdoor space, building amenities)
In-unit washer and dryer.

This Clinton Hill condo on the market ($910,000) features an in-unit washer and dryer.

Apparently, central AC is far down everyone’s list, but come the dog days of August, those surveyed might want to change their answers.

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