David Letterman might hail from Indianapolis, but his prickly affect and smart-alecky style were clearly made for New York City.

Dave gave us a less-than-cloying interview style, innumerable goofball tricks, and best of all, he riffed on mundane stuff we encounter every day like the Hello Deli and Small Town News. And of course, it goes without saying that his Top Ten list has been copied and coveted for decades.

And now, 6,026 episodes later (shows 6,027 and 6,028 happen tonight and tomorrow night, respectively), we present our very own Top Ten List of Zany NYC apartments.

10. Why should Versailles get all the murals?

letterman no 10
32 West 40th Street #4G – $775K

9. Care to see my petrified wood collection?

letterman no 9
68 Jane Street 6-FLOOR-6E/W — $12M

8. Purr-fect apartment for Siegfried and Roy

letterman 8
790 Riverside Drive #12I – $750K

7. Yeah, so the shower’s in the kitchen – you got a problem with that??

letterman no 7
27 Orchard Street, #14 (off the market)

6. And suddenly, we’re in an animated TV show

Letterman No 6
203 Avenue Z, Gravesend (off the market)

5. I’ll take 5 of those and 8 of those…

letterman no 5
565 Broadway #2 – $9,950,000

4. Five drinks and four doors later… which one is my place?

letterman no 4
72-12 21st Avenue – $1,599,000

3. “Home needs TLC.” Uh, how about a wrecking ball?

letterman no 3
36-28 Greenpoint Avenue – $699K

2. Don’t wear black or we’ll never be able to find you.

letterman no 2
213 West 23rd Street #6S – $4,995,000

1. C’mon – this is New York, not San Francisco!

letterman No. 1
296 West End Avenue – $7,999,000

Thanks Dave — it was an excellent party.