Here at StreetEasy, we are admittedly real estate-obsessed. We spend our days thinking about real estate and staring at listings. We’ve seen everything from astronomically expensive celebrity penthouses to apartments with showers in the kitchen to houses that look like the stuff of the Jetson’s and every zany, eerie and awesome listing in between, so when it comes to unique listings, it’s hard to faze us.

In recent weeks, however, as the summer slump has settled in, we’ve stumbled across some true gems. Just the sort of shocking and bewildering listings to shake us out of our afternoon malaise and remind us how extraordinary and bizarre New York City real estate is. Take a look. We hope you enjoy!

Who’s That?

Rental apartment on West 84th Street

54 West 84th Street

The listing description highlights the perks of living here including high ceilings, a decorative fireplace and exposed brick walls. What’s left out is that it comes with this delightfully coiffed lady in pearls!

Your Future Roommates

100 Starr Street in Bushwick

100 Starr Street in Bushwick

Living in Bushwick usually entails having a roommate or two. For potential renters who lack imagination, this listing helps illustrate what roommate life at this apartment would be like. They text! They watch TV! That could be you. Be sure to thank the broker!

That Sandwich is for You

732 Saint Marks Place

732 Saint Marks Place in Crown Heights

Didn’t you always wish your living sitch was more like the New Girl? At this apartment you can make that dream a reality! It comes with this sort of cute, sort of awkward bearded guy. If you’re as cute and quirky as Jess, he might even scoot over on the couch and give you a bite of his sandwich.

#shadowselfie or #shadowycreeper?

9210 Avenue N

9210 Avenue N

Not too sure where 9210 Avenue N is? This picture doesn’t do much to help orient you. Nor does the shadowy specter caught in the frame…. But click through the listing if you’re curious for more surprises. Like this headshot of a Lego dude (below). Perhaps that’s a self-portrait of the aforementioned specter.

9210 Avenue N

Welcome to Avenue N!

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

234 East 81st Street

234 East 81st Street in Yorkville

This listing description for this apartment reads as such “AFFORDABLE 1-BED IN GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD!!!” which in Yorkville often translates to a small walk-up that’s a schlep from the subway. All of those may be true, but this picture is testament to the fact that you can fit at least one person in the kitchen and one person in the closet at the same time.