Heads up, real estate agents and brokers! StreetEasy just improved the Building Pages with some changes we think you’ll like. The reason for the changes is to consolidate information, remove duplication and better organize the pages for faster, easier browsing. But, most importantly, all of this data and information that was previously only available on desktop is now available on your mobile and tablet devices.

This video below will explain all the updates, but the main changes are:

1. Moved navigation tabs (Overview, Listings & Closing, Documents and Units) lower on the page and changed tab names (see screenshots below):

Old location
Old navigation at top of page
New location
New navigation lower on page with new tabs

2. Added Claim Deals button to Past Sales page. Once the closing documents are received from ACRIS, a CLAIM button will appear and you can go ahead and claim your deal. Remember: You must be signed in to see the button and claim your deal.

claim deals
Claim your deals under Past Sales tab

To see all of the changes, please watch this video: