Join us on July 21 for our next webinar: Virtual Tours Are Here to Stay. A panel of top NYC agents will discuss how the fundamentals of client relationships are shifting — and why agents who refuse to leverage the tech at their fingertips will get left behind. The panelists will also field any questions you have about serving your customers as real estate activity resumes in NYC.

About the Conversation

While New Yorkers were stuck at home, home searchers’ expectations changed. Video walkthroughs and 3D tours allowed them to explore homes in new ways. Agents adapted to answer this new demand. Between February and April 2020, the number of StreetEasy listings with virtual tour capabilities increased by 700%. 

These aspects of a listing — perhaps considered perks in the past — are now essential. New Yorkers are doing everything they can to research and virtually explore a home before touring in person. There’s never been a higher demand for floor plans, virtual tours, and accurate listing data.

What You Can Expect

In-person showings may have resumed, but they represent a bigger commitment than they used to. During Virtual Tours Are Here to Stay, our panel of agents will share how their perspectives have shifted toward the virtual experience they provide. They’ll also offer insights and recommendations on the tools and technology they find most useful in NYC’s new normal. 

Meet the Panel

Nicole Beauchamp Working with international clients, Nicole is no stranger to the virtual tour. Still, applying this approach to local clients presents a unique challenge. Nicole will detail how to navigate it smoothly. 

Stacey Froelich Stacey’s success is defined by her team approach. She manages an eight-person team to rely on one another’s strengths, particularly when it comes to tech. Stacey will share how her team divides and conquers to adapt to consumer needs. 

JoAnne Kao A young, tech-friendly client base requires JoAnne to constantly pull from her professional history in the world of tech and digital media. She speaks the language of millennial buyers.