image of what kind of nyc home renovator are you?

What kind of NYC home renovator are you?

1. When you think about renovating, what problem are you trying to solve, or vision are you trying to achieve? Put it in a sentence.

2. Which of these scenarios best captures what you answered above?

  • My kitchen or bathroom could really use an update. (6 points)
  • My kitchen and/or bathroom need a complete rehaul, and I have grand plans for it. (10 points)
  • I want a new kitchen and bathroom plus some other changes, like: New space for kids or an office; custom shelving or new or refinished floors; or an additional bathroom or central air. (15 points)
  • That’s all a good start, but what I picture requires work like moving walls or plumbing, shifting entryways, adding windows, and other structural changes. It’s a true gut renovation. (20 points).

3. How much are you comfortable spending?

  • As little as possible. (1 point)
  • Not an infinite amount, but I know renovations aren’t cheap. (2 points)
  • First let’s talk about what I want, then we’ll talk budget. (3 points)
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4. So, how handy are you?

  • There are two tape measures and a hammer in my bag right now. (1 point)
  • I’ve hung pictures, and they weren’t too crooked. (2 points)
  • Handy — that’s an app, right? (3 points)

5. How involved do you want to be in designing and doing the actual work?

  • As much as I can to save time and money. (1 point)
  • Some, but I can’t do all of what I want. (2 points)
  • I believe in letting the pros handle things. (3 points)

6. What’s your personal style?

  • Anything new will be better than what I’ve got. (1 point)
  • I value good design but need to save wherever I can. (2 points)
  • I value good design and will pay what it costs. (3 points)
  • I’m more worried about finding the absolute best stuff than I am about paying for it. (5 points)

Now, add up your score and use the key below to find out what kind of renovator you are.

___ + ___ + ___ + ___ + ___  = Your score:  ___

image of nyc renovation plans

Are you a refresher or a rebuilder? (Courtesy AlexAllen Studio)

Under 15 points: You’re a Refresher

This is great if you:

  • Want to update the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom on a budget (or both on a very tight budget).
  • Don’t need high-end custom cabinets or structural, functional changes.

15 to 20 Points: You’re a Renovator

This is great if you:

  • Want to substantially redesign a kitchen or redo a bathroom with custom details, or do a more thorough update of both on a budget.
  • Won’t be moving walls or plumbing.

20 to 25 Points: You’re a Heavy Renovator

This is great if you:

  • Want a custom kitchen, a bathroom update or two, and some floor refinishing or custom shelving in another room.
  • Want the above plus moving plumbing, adding central air, or exterior work.
  • Plan to leave some elements of the home untouched.

25 or More Points: You’re a Rebuilder

This is great if you:

  • Need to make structural changes to a home and/or plan to renovate the entire thing: new custom kitchen, updated bathrooms, relocated plumbing, central air, new entry points, rehabbed exterior.
  • Are rehabilitating a home that has been neglected or damaged.

So what’s your budget, timeline, and professional need?

Go here to learn more about each level of NYC home renovation.

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