Unlike exposed brick and wood beams, the bathtub-in-the-kitchen feature is usually not considered a charming quirk of old New York City apartments. Instead it’s more often associated with overcrowded tenements and stories your grandma tells about growing up on the Lower East Side. But, perhaps in exchange for the peculiarity of an apartment whose kitchen is also where you bathe, maybe the allure of a lower rent is enough.

For example, here are some East Village bathtub-in-kitchen units that are considerably below the median asking rent, which last month clocked in at $3,099/month:

  • This no-fee one-bedroom was listed for $1,900/month. That’s almost 50 percent less than the median asking rent.
  • Or take this one-bedroom, which is also in the East Village, that was asking $1,800/month.

These apartments are good deals given the size and location, but charm is lacking, the fixtures are old, the appliances could use some updating, and the layouts are slightly bizarre. Do they have character? Yes, but they’re not beautiful by anyone’s standards.

A ‘Nice’ Bathtub-in-Kitchen Combo

But, we’ve found an anomaly. Here’s a place with a bathtub in the kitchen and it’s pretty damn nice. One that you could actually call charming.  Located at 633 East 11th Street, this unit has updated appliances, great design choices and a layout that might work, especially for those who like to cook naked or at least apres-douche.

The decor is vintage and funky without being overdone and it pulls off the whole shower-curtain-in-your-kitchen look gracefully. And if you’re into the design, you’re in luck because the place comes furnished. It rents for $2,700/month which is 14 percent less than the median asking rent for the neighborhood. That means you still get the discounted price that usually comes with a bathtub-in-the-kitchen feature, plus some other perks like a sweet, private garden (see below.)

East Village Bathtub in the kitcehn

Whoever thought a bathtub-in-the-kitchen could look so nice?

The other half of your bathroom is a sleek, streamlined kitchen. Who needs a bidet when you’ve got an oven?

bathtub in kitchen

The bathtub in the kitchen brings a whole new meaning to “half-bathroom.”

At this apartment you get some exposed brick with your bathtub-in-the-kitchen – the charming quirk quotient is through the roof!

Charming east village apartment

The bedroom is pretty charming, too.

And arguably the best part? You get this sweet outdoor garden in the East Village all to yourself. Whoever thought a bathtub-in-the-kitchen could be so nice?

East Village garden

This sweet outdoor patio comes with the place, too. Sold yet?