Receiving the proper credit for your Experts connections and deals is critical to being a successful StreetEasy Expert partner. However, this has been a slight challenge when it comes to Experts who work on a team within the program. Starting in the first week of December, we’re introducing some changes to the way we attribute Experts deals to ensure credit is being distributed appropriately. More specifically, we’re ensuring that:

  • Experts team members receive credit for deals associated with connections that were reassigned to them.
  • Experts team leaders are evaluated based on the performance of their entire team, including receiving credit for connections they’ve reassigned and any associated deals.

If you’re an Experts team leader or team member, here’s what you need to know.

What’s Changing

Experts team members must always be the ones to report deals associated with their reassigned connections.

Team leaders will still have the ability to update the status of connections they’ve reassigned to team members, up until the connection reaches “In Contract”. From there, the team member will be solely responsible for reporting the deal, and the team leader can no longer edit the connection or report any deals associated with it. 

If you’re a team leader, before you update the status of a reassigned connection to In Contract, a dialogue box will pop up confirming this protocol.

After a reassigned connection’s status has been changed to In Contract, the team leader will still see the connection in their Connections list and be able to view the Connection Profile. However, they won’t be able to edit the connection or report any associated deals. If the team member reports a deal for the connection, it will show under the Transactions tab.

What happens if an Experts team member leaves an Experts team? Or leaves a brokerage?

Experts team members who possess reassigned connections and leave an Experts team or brokerage will continue to own their reassigned connections. They’ll continue to see their reassigned connections in their Connections list and be able to update and report deals for said connections.

Experts team leaders will no longer be able to edit reassigned connections that belong to Experts team members who have left the team or brokerage. Team leaders will still be able to see these reassigned connections in their Connections list, but will not have the ability to edit or report deals for them. If there are any active reassigned connections who will be continuing to work with the team/brokerage rather than the team member, the team leader should un-assign the connection prior to the team member’s departure.

Experts team leaders will still get credit for connections they reassigned to team members who’ve since left the team/brokerage, and any associated deals.

For more information or help with Experts deal attribution, visit our support center or contact your Business Advisor.