2022 was quite the year for StreetEasy Experts. The program, which first launched in late 2019, matches real estate agents with NYC buyers and sellers interested in a neighborhood, building, or type of property in which the agent has specialized expertise. Since launching, Experts has helped thousands of agents expand their reach, with many building 8-figure businesses through the program alone.

This year, Experts closed over $2B in deals and completed thousands of transactions. The largest Experts deal in 2022, at 15 Central Park West in Lincoln Square, had a closing price of $21.5M.

To mark the end of another great year for Experts, we’re recognizing the top-performing StreetEasy Experts of 2022: the top 10 in total sales volume, and the top 10 in total transactions. Also included are a few Experts recognized by their Business Advisor for their extraordinary contributions over the year. These agents embody what it means to be an Expert not just in sheer numbers, but in serving their clients with the localized expertise and New York City know-how they’ve come to expect.

Cheers and congratulations to our top Experts!

    The Top-Performing Experts of 2022: Sales Volume

    1. Ryan Kaplan, Corcoran

    2022 total sales volume: $23,450,000

    “The introductions from StreetEasy aren’t usually people in your orbit. You can’t lean on a positive word and referral from a mutual friend or former client, the way other business sometimes comes in. These connections largely start out as strangers, therefore, the only true way to be successful in converting these leads is really knowing your craft.”

    2. Henry Hershkowitz, Compass

    2022 total sales volume: $21,500,000

    3. Daniel Blatman, The Agency

    2022 total sales volume: $18,010,000

    4. Erik Ternon, Douglas Elliman

    2022 total sales volume: $16,450,000

    5. Christopher Kromer, Brown Harris Stevens

    2022 total sales volume: $16,302,500

    “I am grateful for the opportunities StreetEasy has given me to connect with motivated and qualified buyers – all great people with whom I may not have otherwise gotten in front of. They have given me a platform to leverage my experience and expertise in the service of buyers navigating a challenging market full of uncertainty.”

    6. Leora Blumberg Rubinstein, Douglas Elliman

    2022 total sales volume: $13,704,610

    7. Sarah Silva, Compass

    2022 total sales volume: $13,704,610

    “There is only so much business you can get from your contact list and referred to you by other brokers. StreetEasy has given me the ability to tap into circles of business I wouldn’t have had access to prior. For example, I am now on the Google preferred vendors list because StreetEasy connected me with a Google client.

    8. Daniel Kramp, Corcoran

    2022 total sales volume: $13,704,610

    9. Josh Rubin, Douglas Elliman

    2022 total sales volume: $13,704,610

    10. Mallory Bogard, Serhant

    2022 total sales volume: $12,037,000

    The Top-Performing Experts of 2022: Transactions

    1. Matthew Bizzarro, Bizzarro Agency

    2022 total transactions: 25

    “It’s an honor to partner with the best in the industry who have the rare like-minded mission to serve the consumers of NYC above anything else. When working in the fast-paced NYC real estate market, it is essential to partner with an organization that is dedicated to putting the needs of the customer first and above all things. A company with like-minded core values which places customer service at the center is rare.”

    2. Sam Teichman, Corcoran

    2022 total transactions: 19

    “The amount of teaching I do with first-time homebuyers forces me to understand every step of the process on a more detailed level than I otherwise would have, and answering each of their unique questions along the way makes me a better realtor for the next client, and the one after that. But mostly, it’s the chance to get to know each of their personal stories that excites me.”

    3. Leora Blumberg Rubinstein, Douglas Elliman

    2022 total transactions: 15

    4. Barrie Granito, Casa Blanca Real Estate

    2022 total transactions: 14

    “StreetEasy has provided me not only with the clients to continue growing my business, but the tools and resources to make me a better agent, all in service of the client. In addition, the level of support and encouragement that I’ve received from the entire StreetEasy team, with special mention to my business advisor Alex Schroeder, has been vital to my success.”

    5. Sarah Silva, Compass

    2022 total transactions: 13

    6. Erin Wheelock, Keller Williams NYC

    2022 total transactions: 12

    7. Erin Whitney, Bohemia Realty Group

    2022 total transactions: 11

    8. John Li, EXP Realty NYC

    2022 total transactions: 10

    9. Irina Sheina, Spire Group

    2022 total transactions: 10

    10. Anna Kalogridis, Compass

    2022 total transactions: 9

    Experts Recognized By Their Business Advisor

    The following Experts have been recognized by their Business Advisor for their exemplary growth, service, and ethos throughout 2022. Business Advisors provide Experts with guidance and support in the program.

    Recognized by Business Advisor Nick Busillo

    • Joshua Rodriguez, Compass: Joshua began as a team member, had strong performance, went out as a single agent, and now has his own team. He’s mentioned Experts was a reason this was able to happen.
    • Nick Riback, Corcoran: Nick is a “strong proponent of the program, understands relationships first, and that all buyers no matter the price point deserves someone in their corner,” according to his Business Advisor.

    Recognized by Business Advisor Alex Schroeder

    • Joseph Reaume, Douglas Elliman: Douglas is “super personable and becomes good friends with his connections,” his Business Advisor remarked. “He’s a big proponent of ‘you never know what could happen from one connection.'”

    Recognized by Business Advisor Carlo Romero

    • Milla May, Compass: Milla recently closed a deal for a couple, one of whom has an ailing parent. Despite the emotional journey, Milla was grateful to have “brought two of the most amazing individuals I have ever met home,” she told her Business Advisor.
    • Noble Black, Douglas Elliman: “Noble has one of the best reputations in the brokerage community and has quietly led a top-producing Experts Team that has helped Experts connections with over $31M of transactions in the last year, including an $11.5M deal that went into contract and closed with team member Erik Ternon in October,” recalled Noble’s Business Advisor, Carlo Romero. “He has a keen eye for talent and one of his newest team members, David Eskander, who came from luxury hospitality during the pandemic, has built his career on Experts with six deals in the last year.”

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