You know that the first call is crucial and the overall goal is to schedule an in-person appointment with the prospective client. However, there are several mini-goals you should also aim to accomplish during the first conversation, such as making a memorable introduction, discovering the prospect’s motivations for buying a home, showing your expertise, and confirming next steps. 

It can be difficult to remember everything to say and do during the call, and it helps to have it all written down in one place. That’s why we created a handy checklist for the first conversation with a new lead:

✔ Make a strong introduction
✔ Exude warmth
✔ Schedule an appointment
✔ Discuss location
✔ Discover their motivation
✔ Show your expertise
✔ Avoid uncomfortable questions
✔ Outline next steps
✔ Repeat your information


Make a strong introduction

The first and last few minutes of a phone conversation are the most memorable to the consumer. Have a smooth yet strong introduction that includes an energetic greeting, your name, and your brokerage.

Exude warmth

Ultimately, the buyer is looking to connect on a personal level with the agent they’re trusting to walk them through this process. Focus on service and connection.

Schedule an appointment

Ask for an appointment within the first two minutes of the conversation. The earlier an appointment is secured, the higher the likelihood of conversion. Explain your role as a buyer’s agent and the value you offer.

Discuss location

Ask discovery and rapport-building questions about the building or neighborhood and what compelled the prospect to inquire about it. Identify their needs and wants to ideally book additional showings.

Discover their motivation

Ask questions that lead you to the “why” behind the buyer’s intended purchase – a growing family, expiring lease, new job, desire for outdoor space, etc. Get an idea of their timeline, too.