We live in an impatient world – especially when it comes to New York City real estate. This guide explains why “speed to lead” is your key to success.


The Golden Rule

The golden rule of speed to lead is to reach out by phone within five minutes of receiving the lead. Speed matters because the lead is more likely to still be on the StreetEasy website and in home-search mode, so they’ll be more receptive to your outreach. Waiting 30 minutes or longer makes the lead view your call the same way they’d view a telemarketer.

If you don’t respond within the first five minutes, the likelihood of conversion drops dramatically. Calling a new prospect within a minute of receiving the inquiry can increase your likelihood of conversion by 391%. At two minutes, that number is 160%, and at three minutes, it’s 98%.1

What if the lead doesn’t answer?

Your chances of connecting with a lead (i.e. they answer the phone) are 100 times greater if response is within five minutes of initial inquiry.2 However, you won’t always get an answer on the first try. Don’t fret! First, leave a voicemail. Acknowledge their inquiry, then introduce yourself, including your name and brokerage. Answer any questions that were in their inquiry, and let them know you’re available if they have any other questions. 

Next, send a text like the following:

Hi! This is [your name] with [brokerage]. I’m excited to connect as I saw you requested information about [address]. Do you have time today to chat?

If you still don’t have a response by end of day, send an intro email similar to the text message you sent. Acknowledge that you’ve tried to reach them by phone and text.

What if I’m busy and unable to make a call?

Again, don’t fret! Perhaps you’re on the phone with a client, in an appointment or calling another lead. Send a text message instead, like the example in the previous section. Have a template ready on your phone in the Notes app, so you can copy/paste it and send it out right away when necessary. Keep it professional but brief, with the goal of acknowledging their inquiry and securing a time to have a conversation later that same day.