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Shifman Mattresses


I am considering purchasing a pillow top Shifman mattress. Has anyone purchased this mattress from either Bloomingdale's or Stickley and, if so, have you had any problems with your purchase? The prices at Bloomingdale's are higher (even on sale), but Bloomingdale's will allow returns and exchanges minus a prorated fee. Stickley does not allow returns or exchanges.

I have been told that this mattress should be flipped once a month for the first six months. If you have this brand of mattress, do you flip your mattress and how often?

Thanks for all responses.

Highly recommend. Got on sale received an additional discount which made the price affordable. All told bought for less than half list.

I bought the shifman, which is very good. We have a queen mattress, and you'll need help to flip it - it's very heavy.

Just be aware that if you're into the pillowtop feeling, this mattress is not the one for you.

Wait - I'm confused re: Shifman pillowtop. Does this mean that both sides of the mattress have the pillowtop? Because most pillowtops are not designed to be flipped (the turning supposedly helps the mattress last longer).

The Shifman mattresses have pillowtops on both sides so when you flip the mattress, each side has a pillowtop. I am considering buying a king size mattress which looks very heavy to flip- the porters in my building will need a good tip to do this fun job. Riversider, you are fortunate to have a friend who got the Bloomingdale's discount because their prices are even higher than Stickley's.

Shifman has a couple of separate lines just for Bloomingdale's. Are there model numbers or something so you can compare all the different lines?–-shifman-aiming-to-become-national-brand/

"Just be aware that if you're into the pillowtop feeling, this mattress is not the one for you."

So it's called a "pillowtop", yet it doesn't offer the "pillowtop feeling"?

NWT, the Bloomingdales mattresses are slightly different than those sold at Stickleys. Very very close, but you have to read all the details posted by each display mattress to compare them. The selection at Stickleys is better IMO, but I was concerned about purchasing a mattress from a furniture store although all the feedback I have heard about buying a mattress from Stickeys has been positive so far.

We bought our Shifman from Stickley's and love it. It has been just over two years and we faithfully flipped it and it feels perfect. Stickley's reputation is stellar, so no hesitations.

Bloomingdales mattresses are slightly different than those sold at Stickleys
--probably to avoid direct price comparisons..

So...I almost bought a Shiffman mattress. I did a lot of research and realized that mattresses are basically a commodity.... yes, there are high end mattresses and they are all alike and there are low end mattresses (alike for their class also)...
I found my way to -- and bought one of their pillow top mattresses for about $2000 less. They are made in NJ just before you need it so it is not sitting around collecting dust or other things.

They are totally sold on line or via phone so they can sell for less because they have no overhead like the big mattress companies or need to make margin like the big channel dept stores. I have NO connection to this company but in today's world, one can get quality for less due to technology and that is what we got.

I also believe in changing mattresses every 5 years or so and this will be easier to do by not paying a fortune for something one can get for less...but high quality. It is really nice.

Lobster, you can alternate flipping the mattress with rotating it 180 degrees.

Lobster, I'm with you on this one.

My next bed will be a Stickley (to match the bedroom suite I already have). The big question, however, has been the darn mattress. There's an entire universe of mattresses out there now, and the choices are mind-boggling. But I'm tempted to just get the Shifman out of convenience and be done with it ...

The other thing with these mattresses is that they get thicker and thicker- you may need a step stool to get into bed!

shiffman does make extremely thin and hard mattresses. Perfect for platform beds and for people who don't like to sink.

Actually, Riversider, they make very thick mattresses as well, which was the reason for the step stool comment

Yes, they make both

I bought my Shifman at Bloomingdales Furniture Warehouse in White Plains NY. It was a top of the line king size Shifman that supposedly sold for 15K retail that I purchased for just under 5K. I flipped it every month for 6 months like they told me to, but I swear it must way 2 tons. The mattresses at the warehouse are returns, discontinued styles and floor models. Take a good look around...some look like they've been through the ringer, but I was able to get one that looked like it was still in its original packaging.

Curious how people decided on shifman vs tempur-pedic. We are looking to buy one soon.

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The absolutely best mattress we've ever ever head is the Sonno mattress from DWR. Absolutely phenomenal. Even tempurpedic is a distant second.

Salut, just checked DWR website. In which way is it better than tempur-pedic? Will appreciate any color.

300, in my opinion, it stays firm longer, keeps the shape better, and requires no box (a HUGE plus for me.) will never be sorry
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I never heard of Shifman before so I looked the mattresses up on the Bloomingdales website. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the prices. $9,000- $15,000? WHAT???? Are you crazy? Are you nuts?

And I thoguht the $2,100 I paid for my queen size Select Comfort bed was a a lot.

WHy don't you save yourself some money and look at Select Comfort? Their beds are good and the customer service is excellent. When my remote broke, they gave me a new one no questions asked with no charge. They even upgraded me from a wired remote to a wireless one without me even asking.

And if you like Tempur Pedic, you can get a Select Comfort bed with a memory foam top.

I have moderate lower back problems so went with Tempurpedic. What felt good in store turned out to make my back much worse after a week. I think Temperpedic has been brilliant with their Marketing... in the end I got a "Sleep to Live" which has been very good so far.

I did get my bed at Stickleys and it's terrific though it took a long time (which I was told up front).

I bought the memory foam mattress from Costco. The reason I bought it initially was that it came folded in four in a box with wheels. I didnt want to burn a work day waiting for a delivery.
But OMG, it is the greatest mattress Ive ever slept in. Every night that I close my eyes, not a single night have they opened before time to wake up.
And on top of that, this matttress was like $500 bucks instead of $1500 and up everywhere else.

sex can't be as good on a foam mattress.

PMG - lol that was my first reaction when I got the mattress.
I find only missionary is adversely affected.

Hey 300 -- Sealy Latex! Doesnt get any better! Memory foam gets hot! and it's weird. Get the firmest latex mattress and add a feather topper if you want more plush:

and by the way, latex mattresses never sag, don't wear out and dont need to be flipped. they will outlast you.

agree with West34 that latex mattresses are the best. I don't care how advanced the coil is, it is still a coil and limited to how it can conform to the body. Memory foam is just too warm. I have two mattresses from and have never slept better (I hate leaving my bed behind on business trips and vacations). They are fairly expensive ($1800 to $2800 for a queen), but worth every penny as a flobed mattress is fully customizable (not just numerous firmness options but each side is individually constructed to accommodate each sleeper's preferences), they offer great customer service, and they have the best comfort guarantee in the industry. No stake in the company just a really satisfied customer. I have numerous joint issues that making sleeping less than comfortable and these mattresses truly made a difference.

Shifman makes a big box store line now, which is nowhere nearly as good as their Master Class mattresses, which are all cotton and felt.

Mattresses are generally the biggest scam out there. Either go with the super high end or go to Sleepy's and get an extra firm mattress and put a feather bed on top of it if you want a pillow top. You absolutely need to slip any mattress that you purchase and you generally cannot do so with a pillowtop mattress. The blow foam mattresses sold by Sealy, Serta, etc., are crap, will out gas for a while, and will collapse over time.

Bloomingdale's charges more for the Shifman's, partially because they stock them and partially because they accept returns, which they can't resell. Also because of the name. Don't buy their lower end model. A Schifman should last you 15-20 years. You can also look into Royal Pedic. Higher end, other than these two American companies, will easily run you $10k .

Lobster, I don't have a Shifman, but as far as buying a mattress from a furniture store goes, I got mine from Crate & Barrel, having bought the bed frame there. It worked out great.


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