image of soho barn

This 1-bedroom penthouse in SoHo seems confused. Located on the top floor of 118 Wooster St., the listing has the pedigree of a classic Downtown Manhattan loft, with high ceilings and an open floor plan. A quick peek, however, reveals that something else entirely is going on here.

Born as a Loft, Destined for Something Else

What really sets this place apart is an 800-square-foot private roof deck outfitted like a Hudson Valley farm — complete with a pitched barn and silo. While we know the farm-to-table aesthetic is hot right now, we’re totally floored to see a shake-shingle barn and a silo show up down the block from the SoHo Chanel store.

Image of soho barn

Don’t be fooled, though. You won’t find any organic sheep at this faux-country hangout. The glass ceilinged structure doubles as a skylight and entryway for the loft. And no, the silo is not used for drying hay. It’s also a skylight.

Image of soho barn

The look and feel of the roof deck is thoroughly upstate barnyard, but the views are decidedly downtown. From here, you can see water tanks, fire escapes, apartment towers and the nearby rooftops. One features what looks like a Greek temple with Doric columns, and another has a steel Airstream-like structure on it. Hey, we’re still in New York City — did you expect your neighbors to be normal?

Image of soho barn

And Yet, the Price Is Truly Lofty

Listed for $2.649 million, this 1-bedroom is priced just as you would expect a condo on one of SoHo’s most coveted blocks to be. Although the floor plan is quite large, measuring 1,250 square feet, the price per square foot is steep at nearly $2,120.

The Interiors Are Something Else

While the barn-like details on the roof are delightful, the rest of the apartment offers mishmash of styles. Inside, you’ve got your classic 1980s all-white aesthetic in the main living area. But then there’s a hulking sandstone fireplace thrown into the mix.

Image of soho barn

The master bedroom is done up like a Greek temple, with white pilasters and a pediment. The dining area features a metallic, Venetian-inspired chandelier, paired with a giant painting of Captain America. Huh?

Image of soho barn

The painting will probably go, but whoever buys this place should be willing to embrace a YOLO design mantra. After all, though this apartment was born as a loft, it’s clearly marching to the beat of its own drummer — er, farmer. But then, if you had $2.649 million to spare, wouldn’t you insist on living your truth, too?

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