Image of $460K east village loft

New York City real estate listings display a world of subtlety — or vagueness. Terms like “brownstone,” “prewar” and “penthouse” get used a lot, but often require quite a bit of interpretation.

“Loft” is another popular but ill-defined bit of real estate lingo. A “loft” is supposed to be a home carved out of a formerly industrial building, but it’s often simply an apartment with high ceilings and industrial decor. Here we have a gorgeous East Village listing that walks a very fine line. The description calls it a loft. The pictures show that it’s gorgeous. But what truly catches our eye is the incredible asking price.

image of $460K East Village Loft

The Price Tag

Listed for $460,000, this apartment at 186 E. Second St. would probably be more accurately described as lofted studio, rather than a 1-bedroom loft. Its “bedroom” does not have a door, nor (it seems) an eight-foot ceiling, which are required by local real estate regulations. These caveats may help explain the amazingly low price, given its prime East Village location and overall stylishness.

image of $460K East Village Loft

Why You’ll Love It

Located on East Second Street, between avenues A and B, this apartment puts you close to tons of East Village hotspots and old neighborhood standbys.

The interior balances a rough-around-the-edges vibe with updated features and finishes. You get a recently renovated kitchen with European appliances, custom built-in cabinetry, a sparkling white bathroom, and a snazzy new floating staircase. This all comes in a space with classic Downtown details like exposed brick and beams, wide-plank flooring, and 13-foot ceilings.

image of $460K East Village Loft

And Why You Might Not

But about those ceilings: They’ve been been craftily co-opted to house a sleeping loft, which maximizes floor space but doesn’t produce quite what you’d call a “bedroom.”

The sleeping loft is shown in photos with a mattress on the floor. It’s worth noting the height difference between the mattress, the three-drawer dresser, and the ceiling. It looks cozy — much too cozy for most people to stand upright

In our book, a chic apartment with a lofted bedroom and exposed brick and beams doesn’t quite meet the definition of a loft. But this home is priced to sell and offers some awfully nice touches. What do you think?

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