The garbage of New York City is an epic topic with an astounding history of filth, rats, world-record tonnage and sanitation worker strikes that have left the Big Apple piled high with stinking mountains of Hefty bags.

Enter Andy Cohen, the affable host and producer of several popular Bravo! TV shows. With a quick wit, boyish smile and devilishly leading questions, it’s rare to see Cohen ever get so exorcised about something — except when it came to garbage piled in front of a beautiful building on Bank Street in the West Village neighborhood Cohen calls home.

The offensive sight that Cohen has been tweeting about for months is in front of 21 Bank Street, which has its gated front premises consistently piled with all manner of trash. The New York Post has just run a piece highlighting the short history of Cohen’s trashy meltdown, which has left Cohen frustrated to the point of defeat.

The 4-story rental building with 8 units does indeed have such a persistent garbage problem that no one even bothered to tidy the place up for a listing photo like the one above on StreetEasy.

The walk-up has an estimated value of just under $4 million, with 1-bedroom apartments units renting for as much as $4,649.

The cool thing is that in NYC, unrepentant garbage scofflaws like the ones at 21 Bank Street are not the norm — despite NYC’s stature as one of the biggest-garbage-producing cities in the world. The sad thing is that no amount of Andy Cohen Twitter shaming these landlords has resulted in any cleanup.