Image of Ferry commute NYC

Here’s a roundup of stories we’ve been reading this week:

Commentary says ferries are just a niche service and at best, a distraction. And that Mayor de Blasio’s love affair with ferries detracts from solving bigger commuter issues. [Curbed]

New proposal seeks to prevent landlords from raising rent on rent-regulated apartments. The bill proposes landlords receive tax credits to offset costs of building improvements instead of passing the cost on to tenants. [New York Daily News]

FAO Schwartz announced plans to reopen at Rockefeller Center. And they’re hiring! Come on, didn’t you always dream of working at giant toy store? [6sqft]

The Corner Bistro is moving to Brooklyn, just like everyone else in Manhattan. The iconic West Village burger joint is now serving at a food hall on North 3rd Street. [Eater]

The K9 unit is the most dependable piece of security at Penn Station. The dogs may not be armed, but they do have their own mini police badges.  [Untapped Cities]

Just how quiet has the city been this week? A report attempts to quantify just how slow the dog days of summer are in the city. [New York Times]