image of the old Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens, New York

The old Kosciuszko Bridge, which was demolished last Sunday, in front of its replacement.

New Yorkers pay higher ATM fees than any other city … except Pittsburgh (NBC New York) — New York City has the second-highest average ATM fee on this list of 25 major cities. What’s the deal, Pittsburgh?

So that’s why all those spots just opened up (The New York Times) — Thirty people were charged with using fraudulent government parking placards in order to avoid tickets and park in special zones

Here’s some money, now leave (WNYC) — Up against a rising homeless population and an election in November, the De Blasio administration is offering to pay a full year’s rent to any homeless family that finds an apartment inside or outside of New York City

Going up, up, up, and up (6sqft) — The map masters over at ESRI have put together an incredible time-lapse visualization showing the proliferation of building construction in New York City since 1880.

Should Eighth Street be named in honor of Jimi Hendrix? (Curbed) — The street once was the heart of Manhattan’s bohemia and is still home to Electric Lady Studios, which was founded by Hendrix himself in 1969.

Tharrrr she goes! (Curbed) — Last Sunday morning, every New Yorker’s least favorite place to get stuck in traffic was demolished. Watch the impressive and incredibly precise controlled explosion of the old Kosciuszko Bridge.

Putting up a fence — or 300 of them (Gothamist) — A sneak peek at the controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s new installation piece, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” which will be unveiled at multiple locations throughout the city on Oct. 12.

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