Flickr Creative Commons photo by Toms Baugis

Do you have to be born in Brooklyn to Brooklyn-born? (The Paris Review) — A Fort Greene-born author makes her case.

Dunkin’ Donuts plans to add 60 more stores throughout Manhattan (The Real Deal) — Chain is targeting millennials with its “Next Generation” concept.

The frustration of the subway commute has inspired a new video game (Curbed) —”MTA Country,” a new, cheeky video game turns the daily subway schlep into a virtual reality game.

Landlords use loopholes to exploit NYC’s affordable housing crisis (NY Times) — This heavily reported, multi-part series “Unsheltered,” exposes reasons why the city’s housing crisis is hard to fix.

City proposing ban on plastic straws (Gothamist) — Malibu, Seattle, and Miami Beach already have bans in place.