Image of Decoding the Market November 2019

StreetEasy’s Grant Long walked agents through key findings from the past quarter and projections for early 2020.

The typical real estate agent doesn’t have much time to pore over the latest research about the New York City market. That’s why we launched Decoding the Market. This quarterly event series is built to give you a focused overview of the past few months’ most relevant real estate trends. It also provides a look ahead at the next quarter, plus a walkthrough of any new tools we’ve built  to aid your day-to-day hustle.

Decoding the Market, November 2019

Our second Decoding the Market fell on a Tuesday and drew over 100 curious agents. In addition to key findings from the past quarter and projections for early 2020, they received a thorough tutorial of the StreetEasy data dashboard: a free, time-saving tool which enables you to pull neighborhood-specific reports yourself, putting smart data at your fingertips when and where you need it. 

The point of this event series is to equip agents with the information they need to walk away feeling informed and prepared to answer even the toughest questions their clients may have. If you missed the last one, we still want you to feel the same way. So here’s a brief recap of our second Decoding the Market, including the key details you need to stay in the loop moving forward. 

A Night of Insights 

The evening began with a warm welcome, complete with snacks, drinks, and a meet-and-greet between attendees and the StreetEasy customer support team. This was a great opportunity for both sides to put faces to names. Plenty of agents came prepared with questions about our latest upgrades to StreetEasy Agent Tools and its agent-dedicated app.

Once it was time for the scheduled program to begin, folks headed to the theater for StreetEasy Senior Economist Grant Long’s presentation. Long began with a roundup of NYC real estate trends, based on findings from his team’s quarterly market report. He went on to offer his predictions about what’s to come in 2020 before wrapping with a breakdown of the StreetEasy Data Dashboard, so the agents in attendance would know exactly how to download reports themselves. 

Long and both our customer support and industry relations teams stuck around afterward to mingle and chat with agents over cocktails. As the night drew to a close and the crowd thinned out, we left feeling that this event was a no-brainer to continue hosting for the agent community.

Takeaways for Agents

As Decoding the Market becomes the quarterly event agents can count on for insightful data, there’s more and more happening between events to give you plenty of chances to chat with the StreetEasy team

We’d love for you to get involved in testing and product feedback before future offerings go to market. If you’re interested, let us know by signing up to join the next StreetEasy/Agent Roundtable Discussions. We’ll have guests from the product team discussing recently released features and brainstorming new ones, along with plenty of time to collect your feedback. 

Decoding the Market in 2020

While exact dates haven’t been announced just yet, you can expect research-themed events once per quarter in the year to come. These events will always include a presentation from the econ team focusing on the latest market report trends, as well as any other recent research that agents like you may find useful. 

If you’ve attended one of these events, we’d love to hear what you have to say! You can share your feedback or suggestions for future events here. Until next time, stay tuned for updates on Decoding the Market events to come.