Here are two words that make any New Yorker’s ears perk up: “rent stabilized.” It’s every renter’s dream to score one of these coveted apartments, whose cost is guaranteed not to skyrocket when it comes time to renew. Especially if it’s in a great neighborhood! Our Rental of the Week is a perfect example. This renovated, rent-stabilized East Village 1BR is in an iconic downtown area, for a fraction of the average price.

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Address: 336 E. 13th St. #C4

Price: $2,200

Size: 1-bedroom

Neighborhood: East Village

Best feature: It’s a tie between location and rent stabilization. Many downtown denizens believe the East Village to be the center of the world, and here’s an affordable perch right there! Plus, it sports renovations that make it feel like an actual home, not just a crash pad.

For example, check out this East Village 1BR’s spacious, windowed kitchen. With shiny floors that maximize the light and stylish stainless steel appliances, it looks like it belongs in a much pricier place. There’s room for an eat-in dining set, and yes, that countertop is granite. Add a renovated bathroom, a living room with big double windows, and a queen-size bedroom, and you’re living the dream.

Finally, our Rental of the Week is in the western part of the East Village, between First and Second avenues. That means it’s close to everything, including the transportation hub at Union Square. And there’s a laundromat literally right downstairs.

Why it’s a deal: The median asking rent for the East Village is $3,100, according to StreetEasy’s Data Dashboard. That puts our Rental of the Week at a whopping $900 below average for this beloved neighborhood. And did we mention it’s rent stabilized?

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Biggest drawback: Beyond the shiny new kitchen, this East Village 1BR doesn’t have many bells and whistles. The building is a walkup, and there aren’t any fancy amenities or charming views to speak of. But between the price and the location, it’s really a win-win any way you look at it.

See the listing:  336 E. 13th St. #C4, in the East Village. To learn more, contact Julio Fernandez at JM Preston Properties.

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