This summer, prices are up all across the city with the median sales price in Manhattan rising to $960,000, up nearly 8 percent from last summer, and the median sales price in Brooklyn clocking in at $611,000. The growing prices, however, have not discouraged buyers from snapping up properties fast.

The typical home in Manhattan spent just 44 days on the market, down 15 days from last quarter. Over in Brooklyn, the market is even more aggressive with homes typically selling in just 41 days.

In both markets, the combo of historically low inventory and the influx of determined buyers has fueled the intensity, spurring homes to enter contract quickly no matter the price. The demand for higher-priced properties in Brooklyn was actually stronger than it was for lower-priced properties. Homes priced above $716,000 sold in just 36 days while homes priced below $381,000 took 54 days to sell.

The Lower East is Manhattan's fastest selling neighborhood

The Lower East is Manhattan’s fastest-selling neighborhood. (Source: Roey Ahram via Flickr Creative Commons).

The fastest-selling neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan, however, were a mix of traditionally tony areas and also some dark horse contenders. The title for fastest-selling neighborhood, in fact, was a tie between three very distinct neighborhoods.

The Lower East Side, Park Slope and Sunset Park couldn’t be more different in terms of housing stock and neighborhood vibe, but each had a days-on-market of just 29 days — far below each borough’s respective median (Brooklyn’s was 41 and Manhattan’s was 44).

Sunset Park beat out other classic Brownstone neighborhoods and is one of the borough's fast selling neighborhoods this summer

Sunset Park beat out other classic brownstone neighborhoods and is one of the borough’s fast-selling neighborhoods. (Source: Axel Drainville via Flickr Creative Commons).

By and large, most of Manhattan’s fastest-selling neighborhoods were Downtown, where inventory tends to be particularly low. In Brooklyn, brownstone-heavy neighborhoods and neighborhoods near Prospect Park were typically among the fastest-selling.

10 fastest-selling neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan:

Brooklyn’s Fastest-Selling Neighborhoods
Park Slope 29 Days
Sunset Park 29 Days
Fort Greene 30 Days
Cobble Hill 32 Days
Prospect Heights 32 Days
Ditmas Park 33 Days
Brooklyn Heights 33 Days
Greenpoint 34 Days
Carroll Gardens 35 Days
Clinton Hill 36 Days

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Manhattan’s Fastest-Selling Neighborhoods
Lower East Side 29 Days
Flatiron 30 Days
East Village 35 Days
Upper West Side 36 Days
Gramercy 37 Days
Manhattan Valley 38 Days
Murray Hill 39 Days
Washington Heights 39 Days
West Village 40 Days
Kips Bay 41 Days
Lincoln Square 41 Days
Inwood 41 Days

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