New Yorkers love living in New York City – even if we could have infinitely more space in the suburbs; even if our roommates generally outnumber our bathrooms (and sometimes we share a kitchen with our bathtub); even if our shoebox apartment costs an arm and a leg and a guarantor – we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Finding that perfect home is all about trade-offs in this city.

Today, we’re excited to introduce StreetEasy’s latest ad campaign, “Find Your Formula,” which speaks to the give and take involved in finding a neighborhood and home in New York City that bests fits your lifestyle, budget and needs. The campaign uses cheeky illustrations to parody the trade-offs that characterize a NYC home search. The detail-packed images are formatted as mathematical equations, adding and subtracting the factors and amenities that ultimately equal an individual’s formula. Take a look at some of the examples below – can you relate to any scenarios?

But, what works for one New Yorker may not work for the next. Recognizing that every buyer or renter is different is what this campaign is all about. It’s all a matter of finding what works for you, and StreetEasy’s breadth of listings, vast amenity search criteria, and unparalleled database of information will help you get there.

Keep an eye out for the new ads on your daily commute – they will appear throughout the city, with a focus on placements where New Yorkers spend most of their time: on the streets and sidewalks, in subway stations, subway cars, buses and taxis.

What was your NYC formula? Tell us your story or favorite ads using #FindYourFormula on social media. We want to hear from you!

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