There is no shortage of coverage detailing the peculiarities of Brooklyn’s absurdly expensive real estate market. It’s a place where you can expect to shell out 65% of your income on rent each year and where annual price growth in once disregarded areas like East New York is now metastasizing at a rate of 20%.  The cherry on top of these findings, however, is not another alarming metric but rather the sale of very unusual one-bedroom in Gravesend.

Brooklyn Tool Shed for Sale

Tool shed for Sale

Just this week, a one-bedroom single family home at 86 Bay 47th Street in Gravesend hit the market. To call the place a single-family home, however, is an overstatement. The detached, 12×16 “home” is described on the listing  page on StreetEasy as “DETACHED HOUSE…BETTER THAN A CONDO.”  Detached houses are not a common sight in New York City, but even the most naive New Yorker would recognize the property as what it is – a tool shed.

There are no interior pictures offered, but curious buyers will be happy to know that the property offers a “PRIVATE DRIVE FOR 6 CARS.” The listing description doesn’t provide much else by way of detail except an important admonishment: “DO NOT WALK ONTO PROPERTY.” It is also worth noting that interested buyers should mind their step in the area surrounding the property as well. The lot is located just a couple of blocks from Coney Island Creek, one of the city’s most polluted waterways.

According to an article in the NY Post, the realtor, one Anthony Mussolino, explains that the home once was “a flop house for pets, mostly pit bulls.” This reporter has never heard of a canine flop house, but one can only imagine… Rottweilers with 40s, chihuahuas selling loosies, pugs passed out on the floor. The possibilities!

Given its dodgy history, Mussolino admits the place “needs some work.” That does not seem to have dissuaded the two intrepid potential buyers who have saved the property on StreetEasy.  As the listing description attests, the place is a “GREAT OPPORTUNITY, ASKING ONLY $499,000.” A doggy flophouse turned toolshed in a polluted creek bed for half a million dollars? Only in Brooklyn!