It’s no secret that the housing market in NYC is very different from the rest of the country. So, it makes sense that figuring out how to market your home to sell would follow a different set of rules. After all, selling an NYC co-op is very different from selling a suburban home. For instance, floor plans are typically more important to NYC buyers than a building’s curb appeal. So, what’s the key to getting your NYC home ready to sell? First, you can review this list. Afterward, explore your selling options and get connected with a top listing agent. The person you work with will typically handle the following.

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    What To Include in a Listing 

    To sell a home, you need a listing. So, when it comes to how to market your home to sell, the listing needs to be eye-catching to drum up interest. As Cecilia Serrano, a broker for Warburg Realty told StreetEasy, “Presentation is a very important factor.” So, what’s necessary for that perfect presentation?

    Write a clear and inspirational description: The goal is to paint a picture of what it’s like to live in the space. “Talk about what makes the property special — think condition, light, and ceiling height,” says Amy Goldberger of Compass. “And these days, there are two essential attributes that make spaces even more appealing: home office and outdoor space. So if you have either, or both, include.” Don’t forget to mention monthly charges, taxes, and amenities. Annie Gruenberger, a broker for Warburg Realty, added, “The devil is truly in the details.”

    Include a floor plan: “Floor plans are essential for marketing and selling a home because they provide valuable details,” Gruenberger said. Floor plans provide potential buyers a sense of the space, from how much light the home gets based on directional exposures to square footage. Find out how to read a floor plan.

    Invest in good photography: The photos should be a significant focus when figuring out how to market your home to sell. “Now, more than ever, buyers are purchasing homes based on pictures without even visiting the properties,” said broker Vickey Barron with Compass. “If your images include a nice selection of rooms, views, and amenities, it’s possible to execute a deal without the buyer stepping foot in the residence.”

    Add a virtual or video tour: Especially in light of the pandemic, video and virtual tours are becoming more of a necessity. “Videos are good for giving buyers a sense of the flow of the home,” said Goldberg. As far as 3D walkthroughs, those are a bonus to allow buyers to have a hands-on experience in the apartment without setting foot in it.

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    How To Market Your Home To Sell With Great Photos

    All real estate experts agreed that excellent photography is the number one criterion for how to market a home to sell. “Pictures are the first impression buyers have of the property,” said Serrano. “It’s like when you see a photo of a potential love interest for the first time. You’re much more likely to fall for them if it’s a nice photo.” So, what’s involved with getting great images?

    Choose the best time of day: “You should photograph the unit depending on the light in the apartment,” said Goldberg. “East-facing is best in the a.m. West-facing is best in the afternoon. Southern light is good in the morning and later in the day.”

    Ensure there’s furniture: “Most potential buyers just can’t visualize how to set up the apartment without furniture,” said Goldberg. “Also, the apartment looks smaller when empty. And it’s a known fact that staging a home helps it sell faster and at a higher price than non staged homes.”

    Work with a hands-on agent: “I spend a lot of time working with photographers on shoot days. I move furniture and other items to present the home in the best light,” said Goldberg. “There is nothing more satisfying to me than when a buyer or agent walks into the apartment and says it looks just like the photos.” There are more reasons to work with a real estate agent when it’s time to sell.

    Learn More About Your Home-Selling Options

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    Ways To Use Social Media To Sell a Home

    Social media permeates nearly every aspect of life. So, it makes sense it could be a tool for how to market your home to sell. “Social media is a tool to support sales,” said Barron. “You never know who is perusing your feed; they could very well be a potential buyer who ‘likes’ the photo and then buys the home.” Here are some experts tips.

    Post your listing on Facebook: It is one of the easiest ways to expand your buyer search. Share the link on your page as well as any related groups that could have potential buyers. It takes just a few minutes, and you never know who might see it.

    Share on Instagram: You could utilize the “Stories” function to share some tidbits about the neighborhood, building, and more. Ask your agent to do the same on their business account. Many agents and brokers have thousands of followers. While we are on the topic, follow StreetEasy on Instagram.

    And here’s a pro tip: “Don’t overdo it on social,” said Serrano. “It’s important to be wary of abusing social media since anything in excess can create a negative experience. Seeing a property too often on Facebook or Instagram could come off as desperate, which isn’t what you want to convey to buyers.”

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    Do You Need Direct Mail, Signage, or Print Advertising? 

    In a world where everything is online, you might wonder if there’s still a place for traditional advertising methods when determining how to market your home to sell. The short answer is virtual methods of marketing reign supreme, but there are a few cases where physical materials make sense.

    “I send postcards to the building and neighboring ones when I list a luxury apartment and sometimes when it has sold,” said Goldberg. “I also utilize print advertising for audiences interested in luxury properties, for example, 575 Park Avenue.”

    The only time you’d consider direct signage to sell an NYC home? “Signage is only effective with townhouses,” said Serrano. That’s going to be the only place where someone could walk by and inquire about a “For Sale” sign. Otherwise, when figuring out how to market your home to sell in a building with multiple units, stick with listings sites and social media. 

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    How To Prepare for an Open House

    Open houses are a classic way to market your home to sell. It allows prospective buyers to see the unit and make a decision about putting in an offer. But, it can be a daunting task for some sellers to prepare their homes for the market. An agent could suggest painting, staging, and more to present your home in the best light. While it can feel overwhelming, focusing on few key details will help. 

    Organize the home: “Make sure everything is neat and tidy,” said Serrano. “Cleanliness and organization are always attractive.”

    Keep the sellers away: “The home sellers should never be present since the visitors will feel intimidated as guests and won’t feel like buyers,” said Serrano. 

    Add nice touches: “I always buy flowers and orchids for each room,” said Gruenberger. Touches like these bring a sense of home to a space, and flowers make it feel alive. 

    Manage the appointments: “It’s important to schedule enough time for a good showing and, especially with continuing concerns about COVID, that all safety measures are in place,” said Gruenberger.

    Show off amenities: “It’s also important to know more than just the four walls of the house or apartment,” said Gruenberger. “What services and amenities are available? Show those off too.”

    Host buyer’s agents: In some cases, it might make sense to have an open house for brokers rather than buyers themselves. A broker might have several interested clients, so it is easier to host one person who brings the information back to several. Then if the client is interested, the broker can set up a follow-up appointment. 

    Of course, your listing agent will handle all of the above — but now you have a great understanding of the process. Good luck with your home selling journey!

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