Any “little monsters” out there? You won’t want to miss this! Like all of our Rentals of the Week, this downtown 1-bedroom is a great deal in a great NYC neighborhood. But 176 Stanton St. has a rather unique feature. Many years ago, a struggling young musician named Stefani Germanotta lived here. Shortly afterward, a star was born. That’s right: Welcome to Lady Gaga’s Lower East Side apartment.

Address: 176 Stanton St. #4A

Price: $2,000

Size: 1-bedroom

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Best feature: Does it get any more New York than this? Back when Gaga was just Stefani, she was one of the many downtown club kids struggling to make it big in NYC. And she lived right here at 176 Stanton. In fact, according to the New York Post, this very spot is where she wrote her debut album, aptly called “The Fame.”

Lady Gaga’s Lower East Side apartment is actually pretty spacious for a downtown walkup. There’s lots of wood trim and recessed lighting throughout. French doors separate the bedroom from the main living area. And the space is flooded with sunshine thanks to large windows and a sizable skylight in the living room/kitchen.

To be fair, the listing description is a bit vague on whether Gaga lived in this exact unit, or merely in this building. But this is most definitely the address: She once brought Anderson Cooper here during a “60 Minutes” interview. And she has been known to return periodically for nostalgic photo shoots, as pictured on BuzzFeed. So there’s always a chance you could run into the Lady herself right downstairs!

Why it’s a deal: The median asking rent on the Lower East Side is $2,750, according to the StreetEasy Data Dashboard. That puts our Rental of the Week at $750 per month below average for the area. It’s a bargain all on its own, not even counting the star connection. 

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Biggest drawback: This spot may be famous, but it’s certainly not perfect. For example, Lady Gaga’s Lower East Side apartment has only one closet. (Where did she store all those fabulous clothes back then? It’s a monster mystery.) In addition, there is no dishwasher and not much counter space in the kitchen. As BuzzFeed gleefully points out, the location of the refrigerator is a bit awkward too. But that’s not unusual in NYC, where small kitchens are the norm. And for a fan, this space will have a powerful allure that far outweighs the negatives. “The Fame,” indeed.

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See the listing: 176 Stanton St. #4A, on the Lower East Side. Listed by Alex Livshiz and Yaal Gluska at Compass.