Josh Bowen of John Brown Smokehouse in LIC, flew to Seattle and met with Amazon execs in the “Spheres” to talk business. (Josh Bowen photo via Instagram)

The owner of John Brown’s Smokehouse in Long Island City flew to Seattle and met with top Amazon execs to try to bring back the deal. If tax incentives can’t lure them to Queens, maybe the barbecue will. []

Subway fares are going up in effort to keep the system afloat and avoid service cuts. Effective April 21, the cost of monthly MetroCards will rise from $121 to $127. The base fare will remain the same, but the MTA plans to eliminate bonuses on MetroCard purchases over $5.50. [Curbed]

Why does the most expensive condo in NYC (and the U.S.) cost $238 million, but will only be taxed at a value of $9.4 million? Because the city’s outdated and arcane tax system bases assessments of condos and co-ops according to nearby rental buildings.  [Wall Street Journal]

The Department of Correction is opposing a bill that would provide inmates greater access to books. Only two of the city’s 11 jails have libraries. In 2018,  31,000 inmates checked out 68,000 books and magazines and local librarians hope to do much more. [Gothamist]

Jumaane D. Williams, of Brooklyn, is the city’s new public advocate. On Tuesday night, Williams won the election over 16 others. It’s a position many local politicians have used to launch their careers including Mayor Bill de Blasio. [New York Times]

The entire facade of new building in Time Square will be an advertisement. The sign will rise 580 feet and be all LED. It is expected to be completed by 2022. [CBS]

A local artist mapped New York City’s lost subway and streetcar lines. A local artist has gone through historic records to map the routes of the city’s lost transit routes. [Untapped Cities]

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