Thanks to its low-key, residential atmosphere — a charming dose of suburbia within New York City — it’s no wonder many people find Midwood, Brooklyn, an attractive place to live. Located in south-central Brooklyn, this quiet neighborhood is a peaceful area with wildly affordable real estate, a few bustling commerce centers, and easy access to Manhattan.

“It’s fairly quiet,” explains Douglas Elliman broker Rebekah Carver, “but also has plenty of desirable amenities.” From shops and restaurants (including stellar pizza — we’ll get to that later) to sprawling single-family homes, this diverse Brooklyn area is a haven for residents and just a quick trip to the city. 

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    Midwood, Brooklyn’s History & the Notorious RBG

    Midwood, Brooklyn got its name from the Dutch word midwout, meaning middle woods, which indicates how forested the neighborhood was when settlers first arrived. Although you probably won’t spot many woodland creatures anymore, many of the area’s streets are still shaded and tree-lined — ideal for strolling.

    Beyond the tranquility, Midwood, Brooklyn has been home to some of our country’s most important cultural places and figures, including Vitagraph Studios, an iconic and prolific film production company of the early 20th century. Not to mention former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who grew up in Midwood. Her impactful life and legacy will soon be honored with a statue and memorial in Brooklyn. Another notable past resident is Senator Bernie Sanders. 

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    What Are the Housing Options in Midwood, Brooklyn?

    Here you will find lots of detached homes and older co-ops with generous floor plans and affordable price points. As of December 2021, the median sales asking price in Midwood, Brooklyn was $632,000, with a median rental price of $2,116 — an absolute bargain compared with the median asking sales and rental prices for the rest of Brooklyn, which are $925,000 and $2,675, respectively. Expect plenty of greenery and driveways too. Sounds too good to be true? Take a peek at the area’s current available real estate to see for yourself.

    What About Midwood Manor?

    The area nicknamed Midwood Manor, between Avenues I and K and East 7th and East 10th streets, has some of the most beautiful and lavish houses in Brooklyn. Expect perfect lawns, lush shrubbery, and wide tree-lined streets, alongside single-family homes — an aesthetic that could easily be mistaken for the suburban streets of Westchester County. Because Midwood does not fall under any landmarks or historic zoning, it’s common to see homes of entirely different styles and sizes sitting side by side, including an assortment of modern, Mediterranean, Greek Revival, and Tudor houses. Outside of Midwood Manor, the houses are more modest, with apartment buildings and condos increasingly common as you head south.

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    What Is There to do in Midwood, Brooklyn?

    Despite its residential feel, Midwood’s main thoroughfares — notably Avenue J and Coney Island Avenue — boast just about every restaurant and shop that residents could need, says Rebekah Carver, including an array of kosher restaurants, florists, clothing shops, and beyond. For some of the city’s absolute best pizza, don’t miss Di Fara, known for their mouthwatering slices and pies. Other neighborhood staples are Mechy’s Gourmet, a kosher-style deli and restaurant, and Jerusalem Steakhouse II, known for their generous portions of Israel-style grub. 

    Beyond the culinary offerings, Midwood is also fortunate enough to be located right near lively Brooklyn College, which means locals can take advantage of the Center for the Performing Arts’ productions. Those living near the college are eligible for a discounted gym membership — which includes an impressive Olympic-sized pool — by just showing proof of a residency, like a water or electricity bill. Keep in mind, not all facilities are open to the public during COVID-19.

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    How Do You Get to Midwood?

    With the B/Q subway lines, express buses BM1, BM3, and BM4, and proximity to the freeway, commuting to Midwood is a breeze. “It’s deceiving how easy it is to reach Manhattan,” Carver says. Although Midwood might look far away on a map, “you can be in Chelsea in less than 15 minutes.” It’s incredibly accessible by car because so many homes have driveways, making owning a vehicle much more attractive and more manageable than in many other parts of the city. By subway, the trip to Midtown only takes about 45 minutes. Additionally, during the pandemic, the MTA has added the B99 overnight bus service, connecting Midwood to Columbus Circle.

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