Image of peacock newark

Guess you’ll have to take the bus, bird. (Source: Jean-Jacques Boujot via Flickr Creative Commons)

Here’s a roundup of noteworthy local stories the StreetEasy editorial team read this week:

A new report finds that Airbnb threatens the quality of life in New York City (Metro) — According to a new report, Airbnb has taken away between 700 and 1,380 units from the local housing market and has caused rents to increase by a median of $380 over the last three years.

More affordable housing in high income areas is needed (6qft) — The Regional Plan Association calls for the removal of antiquated zoning laws to help stimulate mixed-income housing development in wealthy areas.

Brownsville Residents recreate their neighborhood using a video game to promote community pride (Untapped Cities) — Local twenty-somethings teamed up with the Brownsville Community Justice Center to build a virtual reality game that depicts the neighborhood.

Health care workers have the worst commutes in the city (The New York Times) — Health care workers are the most impacted by subway delays, and face median commute times of 51.2 minutes, the Times found.

The operating costs of the New York City bus system are the highest nationally (Curbed) — Sorry team, it’s not just our subways that are bad. Our buses have issues, too.

A new Ample Hills Creamery will open in Windsor Terrace (Bklyner) — On the bright side, though, Brooklyn is getting another location of this insanely popular ice cream purveyor.

An emotional support peacock was denied access to a flight leaving Newark this week (NBC New York) — If the news of a new Ample Hills didn’t make you smile, hopefully the thought of an emotional support peacock boarding a plane will. Happy Friday.

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