Image of NYC Can Collectors

A new report delves into one of the city’s most labor intensive underground economies — can collecting.

Here’s a roundup of stories we’ve been reading this week:

There are over 10,000 New Yorkers who make their living as can collectors. This article profiles several NYC can collectors, including a couple from Brooklyn who earn over $40,000 a year. (Gothamist)

One of the most dangerous intersections in the city for pedestrians and bikers is just off the Williamsburg Bridge. Maybe people in Williamsburg  should reconsider that bike commute after the  L train shutdown? (Curbed)

City council approves cap on new Uber licenses. New York is the first city in the nation to impose a cap on new licenses for ride-hail services. (New York Times)

Brazilian soccer star Pelé bought a beach house in the Hamptons for $156K in the 1970s. It was just sold for $2.85 million — reduced from the asking price of $3.25 million. (6sqft)

A nine-inch long oyster was found in the Hudson River.  How much cocktail sauce do you need for an oyster the size of your head? (Untapped Cities)

Happy Friday!