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As Millennials mature, will they make a mass exit from big cities like New York?

Here’s a roundup of stories we’ve been reading this week:

Do Millennials secretly want to live in the suburbs? Some analysts predict that Millennials will peace out of the city in large numbers by 2020. Others say it’ll be 2035 — or never. So where do the roughly 83 million Americans who make up this generation really want to live? [Citylab]

Is there or isn’t there a 200th Street in New York City? Streets in Manhattan skip from West 196th Street to West 201st Street, but there is a “200th Street” sign in the Dyckman Street A train station. Why? Here’s a hypothesis. [6sqft]

¿Tú quieres Taco Bell? Then you’re in luck. The first Taco Bell Cantina is opening in Manhattan. The fast food chain’s new upmarket eatery offers a custom menu and alcohol. How do you say “frosé” en Español? [Real Estate Weekly]

Civil rights activists oppose the proposed cap on Uber and Lyft. The New York City Council has called for a freeze on new for-hire vehicle licenses in order to assess their impact. But local and national civil rights groups say restricting these services will place a burden on black and Latino New Yorkers. [The New York Times]

The Coney Island Cyclone lost power in the middle of a ride. Riders were safely evacuated, but maybe this is why your mom told you not to ride 85-year old roller coasters? [CBS New York]

What’s that smell? It’s the smell of green. A new cannabis cultivation facility broke ground in Orange County, NY, and will service four medical marijuana facilities in Brooklyn and Staten Island. [Metro]

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