Did you know tattooing was banned in NYC between 1961 and 1997?  It was. A storytelling event will take place on Sunday on the LES to explain this bizarre time in NYC’s tattooing history. [Untapped Cities]

The New L, a luxury shuttle, will offer van service from Williamsburg to Manhattan once the train shuts down. The shuttle will also offer breakfast bars and Wi-Fi. Sounds a whole lot better than the MTA, huh? [Metro New York]

Are fire escapes in New York City structurally sound? According to the data, yes, but from the looks of them no. [Curbed]

The new electric Citi Bikes are very fun to ride, but very hard to find. This map helps you track one down. [Maps Mania]

The number of condoms and potholes are down in New York City, while Citi Bike membership is up. The Mayor’s Management Report unearthed a wealth of data about life in the city including Fire Department response time and public health data. [New York Times]

You can party like it’s 1998 at Grand Central. To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the dining, drinking and shopping establishments at Grand Central, the Oyster Bar — among other businesses — are offering circa-1990’s prices. Or, what translates to a 35 percent discount. [AMNY]

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