In July, StreetEasy presented two webinars as part of its ongoing Insider’s Guide to Renting in NYC series. 

The first webinar was a primer for those considering moving to New York City. It included a number of tips, resources, and the latest data-based insights on the NYC rental market. Catch up or take a second look at Session 1 below:

StreetEasy Webinar: How to Rent Your First Home in NYC

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StreetEasy experts returned the following day for Session 2: Navigating the New NYC Rental Market. This detailed exploration of the present NYC rental market took a closer look at the tools savvy renters can leverage to find a great deal. It also focused on the most important shifts that have occurred in the rental market during the Great Reopening. Watch it in full here:

StreetEasy Webinar: Navigating the New NYC Rental Market

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At a glance, here are some key topics covered during each session:

  • What’s different about the current rental market — and search process — compared to 2020
  • Neighborhood trends, including which areas have the most rentals priced below the neighborhood’s median asking rent, presented by StreetEasy economist Nancy Wu
  • How to get the most out of StreetEasy search filters and our NYC Data Dashboard, to dig deeper into the data that matters to your search
  • Helpful StreetEasy Reads waiting for you on our blog, like neighborhood guides, tips for negotiating lease renewals or rent increases, and much more
  • A Q&A panel in which our experts answered attendees’ questions about what to expect while renting in NYC 

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Be sure to be on the lookout for future webinars and events from StreetEasy! For more context, insider tips, and data-based insights, check out our hub of renter resources on the StreetEasy blog.

Whether you’re looking to rent or to buyfind your next NYC apartment on StreetEasy.