Where do old European soccer stars go to extend their careers, pad their bank accounts and expose themselves to legions of New World fans? America, and, specifically, an MLS soccer team.

Now, just like David Beckham from England and Andrea Pirlo from Italy and dozens of others, it looks like Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo might be thinking about jumping to New York City FC or the Red Bulls when his contract ends in 2018. That’s the speculation, anyway, after the New York Post reports that Ronaldo, 30, was the buyer for Trump Tower loft #57L.

Word is that Ronaldo paid $18.5 million for the  2,509-square-foot unit at 721 5th Avenue. The Post says the loft belonged to one of Donald Trump’s real estate partners,  Alessandro Proto.

Ronaldo is the highest-paid soccer star in the world, making a reported $80 million a year. He’s got a luxury apartment in Lisbon and in Spain and is part of a company that leased 12 luxury apartments in Dubai. His marketing reach is massive and, should he ever actually move his soccer career to the U.S., it would only be part of his global appeal.