New Yorkers strolling through Manhattan’s busy streets now have a new way to see what’s available to rent nearby and we’re not talking about the StreetEasy app. We’re talking about LinkNYC, a first-of-its-kind communication network, which is replacing New York City pay phones with state-of-the-art kiosks to bring fast, free public Wi-Fi to the city.

And the best news is that StreetEasy is LinkNYC’s first partner in the real estate category. That means apartment listings currently for rent on StreetEasy will also be available via Link towers, which are popping up on sidewalks throughout the city.

“Links” as they are known, will be equipped with free services like high-speed Wi-Fi, ability to make phone calls, a tablet for web browsing and a device-charging station.

Through the digital screens on a selection of LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosks, neighborhood-specific apartment listings from StreetEasy will be displayed with different listings rotating in each day. Passersby who see the listings can view more details by accessing StreetEasy on their phone or by downloading the app within seconds using Link’s high-speed Wi-Fi access. StreetEasy’s listings will be updated daily through direct access to Link’s API, aligning apartment locations with individual Links.


Find out where Links are located using this map, see when they’re coming to your neighborhood, or check out their FAQ for steps on how to connect.

If you’re currently hunting for a new apartment, keep your eyes peeled for StreetEasy listings on Links this summer. Links run up 8th and 3rd avenues from 14th Street to 110th Street.